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October 30, 2002


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GREAT article Selwyn. The old adage "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world" applies here. In absence of the stay at home mom (another leftist societal ploy from the mind of Gramsci), the left has assumed the duties as "cradle rockers." Via Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and progressing to Adult Swim and MTV...the child well rocked conditioning complete. Men, especially fathers, are hapless idiots, women are strong and the wisest, sex is implied amongst young teens as expected behavior, and of course capitalists are represented as greedy dimwits enriching themselves at the expense of their downtrodden workers. That is just some of the subversive messages. President Obama is blatantly glorified as an anointed all caring leader. Hitler would have been proud and a bit jealous I am afraid; he never did it so well!


Walt, I would have to agree 100%. I would repeat my own personal observations but Selwyn seemed to hit it right on. In relation to this story, seven years ago my parents decided to adopt a child because they felt it was God's calling to help out some poor youngster. They got him at birth and he has been a blessing of happiness and joy for our family. Amongst the many decisions parents face when becoming a parent is what to expose your child to. My parents decided to do an "expirement" so to speak. All organic foods. No pesticides, no hormones, no vaccines, poisons,or fast food. And just as important as physical nourishment is spiritual nourishment and in that regard little Joshua has been kept away from nearly 99% of the filth that comes on TV. He plays with all the kids and they don't keep him from participating in as many social events as possible but they keep as much of societies deprivations away as possible. The turnout has been amazing and Josh is one of the most bright and loving kids I've seen. Me and my wife are probably a year or two away from kids ourselves(have to finish school first), but when we do there is nothing on TV I've seen worth subjecting your children to.


Philip France


Together with esteemed commentator Walt, I applaud your message.

I wish to share with your subscribership my own personal experiences.

As a youngster, I was enamored with the Saturday morning cartoon circuit. My faves were Popeye and Bugs Bunny. I quickly tired of them and by adolescence I had no use for them at all without knowing why.

It dawned on me as a young adult when I began to explore the intimacies and elegance of Holy Scripture. Please bear with me.

In modern day discussion of the ills of the world, the concept of God or a metaphysical being is routinely trashed. God is blamed for innumerable acts of man’s inhumanity against his fellow man and many times with seemingly good reason (I cite The Crusades as a classic example).

Now understanding that God and His Christ are frequent targets of media blame (and heresy), I propose this supposition: what do we really know about God’s enemy? That is Satan, the devil. To most people, including devout Christians; very little. Perhaps I can help.

The word “devil” is transliterated from the Greek word “diabolos”. The term is the sum of the words “dia” (meaning ‘through’, or ‘via’) and “ballos” from which root we have our English word ‘ball’. Taken literally, the two terms combine to mean “to throw through”. More specifically and in a literal vernacular, the word “devil” means “accuser”. Satan has been most successful in this regard. He has successfully gulled us into blaming God for his own nefarious acts.

How many times, when we have heard of a death, that we hear (even from pastors and ministers) that God ‘called him home’; or something similar. This is a HUGE lie! God does not kill. God does not punish. God is the three L’s: Life, Light, Love. See John 1:18: God is light and in Him there is NO darkness at all. Conversely, Satan’s mission statement can be found in John 10:10b: “the thief cometh not but for to steal and to kill and to destroy”.

Back to the original point of Selwyn’s article whereby he observes that cartoons that were once meant to entertain children are now used to indoctrinate them into a deceitful culture that is devoid of moral and ethical integrity. You see, Satan was originally Lucifer (in Hebrew, it means “day star”), the angel of light (images). He was second in command to God Almighty. Satan knows very well how to manipulate light and images. This is the spiritual substance of what Selwyn has written and observed. This is the reason that I refuse to watch television (save for an occasional ball game). And this is the reason that so many Americans have abdicated sound logic to the extreme extant that we have elected an enemy of our own Republic to our highest office.

May we Americans return to the Godly and Christian founding principles and the Christian life and character of the civil institutions of the United States of America.

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