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April 10, 2007


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I am 16 years old and i was spanked as a child. and i thank my parents beacuse now i have total respect.

Daniel Wagner

Maybe you're confusing respect with obedience

don bass

Nonsense. Maybe on the individual level, but looking at a society level it is quite obvious that societies where CP is culturally and legally accepted (Russia, Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries) are more violent, and increasingly so, than countries where it is not fully culturally acceptable and in some cases illegal (Scandinavia, Austria, Netherlands, Iceland). More so, in those countries the 5% or so of children who are subjected to CP end up more violent, criminal and depressed than their peers.

Before saying that the countries I mentioned are generally backwards, please take a step back and consider the reasons why... and why Austria, Sweden and Netherlands aren´t.


I knew a lot of kids (young adults) from those countries that have outlawed corporal punishment. Many of those same kids reminded their Dads that it was against the law just before they spanked them. One Dad very pointedly reminded his daughter to go ahead and report him then when he had finished and was putting away the family strap. Of course she did not and she never broke curfew again either. She knew she was loved and so does every other child when judiciously disciplined. I have seen many parents abuse without ever touching a child and many parents who spanked their children because they fiercely loved them.


the countries you mentioned are all a queer group of pansies and would be wiped out in a minute if they were ever attacked

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