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October 06, 2007


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Ray Hicks

As long as racial comments can be used as a lever by the Jacksons and Sharptons of the country, we are going to have to go on pretending about the offensive power of the racial epithet. I’ve been called a “cracker” before and I didn’t need to go into therapy because of it. Of course racial comments are only exceedingly offensive if they are made by “crackers.” The logic of that goes even further. Latinos can celebrate ‘El Dia de la Raza” (The Day of the Race…their race of course.) Try doing the same thing if you’re white, and see what happens. No, it’s okay to celebrate the day of the race, but in many parts of the country it’s not okay to celebrate Columbus Day. Nope! In the latest revision of history, Columbus is genocidal murderer and the push is to replace Columbus Day with “Indigenous Peoples Day” or some other such nonsense. If I want to celebrate indigenous people’s day….I’ll go to a casino. Otherwise, I’ll just go downtown and enjoy my local Columbus Day parade.

Cadence Storm

I am Cadence Storm and I believe in taking back our courts and the justice system, taking back our governments and taking back our Countries. For the sake of our children Join Us Today and be a part of the Storm.
[email protected]

Amass Wealth

The Billionaires’ Retreat … It’s Where the Rich Come to Play!
Because, even Billionaires need a little distraction now and then.
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Sticks n Stones

If the blacks and whites in this country would join forces, we could take back the America our ancestors worked so hard to preserve.

How's that for a racial statement? Get rid of the hyphenated Americans!

And let's not go the route of political correctness with food. So much for Italian, German, or French cuisine--let's just chow down on soilent green!

It all looks the same in the pot.


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