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November 23, 2007


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Li Chow Ho

You show your ignorance by saying that all Chinese look alike. To Chinese al white man look alike.

larry gilbertson

I notice tht you have become very sarcastic MR.Duke.

There is good reason we are “preoccupied with Islamic terrorism.” A week doesn’t go by when something doesn’t appear in the news that makes you ask yourself, “Are these people just nuts?”

With the kidnappings and murders, the shooting down of massed tourists, the stonings, the riots, the hand choppings, the video-slow-slicing off of living human heads with small knives, the suicide bombing-murders and honor killings; One has to wonder what is going on in that culture that tolerates that madness, let alone seems to accept it. Today, I read that a fifty-four year old, European, woman was arrested and jailed in Sudan for naming a Teddy Bear in her class Mohammed. She faces prison and forty lashes. Need more be said?

One wonders if we are actually occupied enough with the clearly voiced threat all this is to America. There really is no question that they intend to destroy us. They have said so. The question is, “How closely were we listening?”

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