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November 24, 2007


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Ray Hicks

There used to be this bumper sticker floating around that read, ‘Worried about over population … Kill yourself.”

I don’t think it’s a bad idea!

The country just might be a nicer place for the rest of us, with all of those granola-munching, hand-wringers gone.

And let’s face it. If we don’t start sending some of the illegal aliens back to where they came from…we could use the room.


if they really want to decrease their 'carbon footprint' then why not kill themselves now - why all the vanity? just do it


It also reminds me of a sad chapter in history: The Albigensian heresy of the 12th and 13th centuries. The Albigenses, or Cathars, were a sect that wrote the book on the culture of death, as they believed that all flesh was evil. Among other things, they didn't believe in marriage or procreation, expected believers to abstain from eating meat and dairy products, thought sexual affairs were preferable to marriage, completely condemned war and capitol punishment, and thought it was desirable to leave one's spouse. Does this remind you of anyone? Anyone at all?

One can only hope that leftists follow in the footsteps of the Cathars and become an odd footnote in history.

One thing I've never seen any envoirmentalist consider is that animals also have a carbon footprint. I suppose this goes against what the Gaiaists believe since is pristine, unchanging, and isn't supposed to hurt itself.

Made in Asia

"The truth is that life has always been fraught with danger".. and pain and suffering.

If there is just one reason why I don't want kids, it's because I don't want anyone else to suffer like I did. So many times I wished I never came into this world of pain, suffering and misery.

La joie de vivre ? - it's a fallacy. Well, in this life at least.

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