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November 25, 2007


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Ray Hicks

I guess its official… “Noose” has become the new n-word. But, I think in order to avoid the inevitable confusion; we should be required to refer to it as the “n-word2.” That way, it would be clear what forbidden word is being replaced by the new non-speak, leaving the original “n-word” unadulterated; while avoiding awkward loops in conversations:
”Detective, in the last ten years have you ever used the n-word?”
“I don’t know which n-word you are asking about?”
“Come on officer, I mean the n-word of course.”
I think we should further promote this notion of non-speak. “Cracker” could be new the “c-word.” “Chink” could be new the “c-word2”. “Honkey”… the “h-word.” And on and on…
That would make things so much better! And kids would stop getting suspended from school for using forbidden words:
“Does anyone here know how to tie a slip knot?
“How about a square knot?”
“Can anybody here tie an n-word2; oh, you can Johnnie…how nice.”
See…nobody gets their feelings hurt. And nobody gets suspended for something as stupid as saying they know how to tie a noose.

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