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December 31, 2007


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I have to laugh at this entry because if someone "with a sane mind" as you put it, is to believe this Clinton-hating nonsense, then I feel very sad for them. Perhaps Repiglicans can give more is because they feel guilty about stealing it in the first place, and giving to charity would be a sign of redemption. Perhaps you should research how much Dick Chaney has given to charity since stealing the contracts for Haliburton in Iraq. He may not work for the company anymore, but I'm sure his investments and stock in the company has paid him quite well.

Ray Hicks

There is a tediousness in the portryal of the Clintons as the devil incarnate that for some reason strikes me as more than unfair. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a defender of the president who brought us NAFTA and took away the Army’s right to revenge in Mogadishu. But this constant harping on the Clintons as the embodiment of evil is way out of perspective. It’s the right’s version of the left’s moronic attacks on President Bush, another politician not worth defending.

We simply have to hold our leaders to a higher standard. The biggest difference between Bush and Clinton (either one) is that Clinton is scarier. But, that I’m sure is only a matter of appearances.

If the Republican Party really wanted to do something for America it would, in the absence of Tom Tancredo, nominate Ron Paul. Of course that is not going to happen. What we are going to get out of the Republicans is again someone (appearances aside) who will be in practice, pretty close to the candidate the Democrats field.

Maybe the leaders of both parties should get together and save us a trip to the polls and the annoyance of enduring the hot air of another campaign, by just flipping a coin.

Walt Holton

Mr. Hicks,

I think you have it wrong. Hillary is the Devil! I heard she had 666 tatooed on her hiney in college (just a rumor). I think they need to make sure it is not true during the next debate.

kevin ng

Mr Hicks

What you don't understand is that there is such a thing as evil and Hilary may very well be in its grasp. Your contention that she is not that bad is just niave. We are talking about a woman who has stayed married to a man who is a rapist, who has cheated on her with over one hundred women, who was receiving blow-jobs in the oval office.
She herself is most likely a lesbian who is sleeping with her assistant
If you belive in Good then you have to believe in Evil. If Hilary is not Evil I really don't know who is.
You should read the Selwyn's piece on her vulgar mouth.


kevin ng, exactly what about the way that she handled her personal life constitutes an evil recognition? Some of you who are criticizing the way in which she went about handling her marriage have probably gone through worse things in their own personal relationships, and certainly, it didn't effect your jobs, so why aren't people affording her the same consideration? You people act like she started a world war or something that causes the deaths of many people, remember Bush/Chaney? At any rate, it's a well known fact that most men expect the women in their lives to forgive their mishaps, and the same for women as well. Once you are caught, the first thing a person does is beg for forgiveness. If Hillary wanted to forgive and move on, then exactly whose business is it to say she's wrong? Last I checked, a marriage was between two people, not an entire nation. You people should really get a life if that's the only reason you have for hating Hillary.

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