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December 29, 2007


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nome de plume

Mr Duke

I wanted to wish you a wonderful new year. May your writing career hit new heights in months to come and may the lords light shine on you mind and skin in such a way as to make you an ever more perfect example of his creation.

Happy new year Mr Puke

Kyle Dulin

Dear Selwyn,
Isnt it funny how people can so much more easily just insult you rather than present some kind of reasoned thinking in response to something you've wrote.
God Bless you Mr. Duke.


So far, I don't plan to vote for Obama, but it's funny how you and the rest of the conservative "repiglicans" can propagandize whatever you want, like his middle name in order to associate it with Islam, in order to incite a negative reponse to his candidacy. Selwyn, the fact remains that he is an intelligent man, and deserves the respect that other candidates are given in spite of his name, which is something that he couldn't help, almost like you can't help how you look. And since so many of you have all of the answers, why aren't you running for office, or at least helping some of these candidates strategize their campaigns instead of being so critical of them? The writer nome de plume has the right to criticize you if you do the same to others.

Ray Hicks

Mr. Duke,

I've said it before, but I find your articles to be among the best, most insightful and well written anywhere. If nothing else, at least you put your name to your pen, unlike some of your critics who use cutesy little nome de plumes, as if they were twelve-year old girls, who really don’t understand what is going on in our society today. (If they did, I suppose they would use a nom de guerre.)

Well...never mind about that. They do just sound like little girls and probably are.


Hey Democrat, Mr. Duke didnt say anything about his middle name. All he did was print his full name. So any conclusions you draw from his middle name are beliefs that originated with you. You came to a stereotypical conclusion all on your own. This is a good sign. Maybe you're becoming more honest with yourself.


Hey K.D., you know as well as I do that the "conservatives" always bring his full name up in any conversation, just watch Fox News. Besides that fact, printing his full name to bring about dobt in his abilities is actually showing ignorance on anyone's behalf, and if it really wasn't important to print his full name, well why not print the full names of Rudy, Mitt, and others. As much as you would like to think so, no one is blind or stupid to the fact of what propaganda you all are trying to push.


Right on Mr. Duke,
I'm tired of everybody thinking just because I'm AFRICAN-AMERICAN I going to vote for this JOKE/FRAUD. He says he cares for the african-americans (which is the reason why he did not wear the american flag on his lapel or say the pledge of allegince which I find vile by the way), but supports abortions which is the NUMBER ONE KILLER of african-americans. Obama also says that her care for the CHILDREN of americans but would let them learn how to put on a condom on a banana at the age of kindergarden. Obama also says that Roman chapter 1 verse 1-32 is wrong (which would say that he think that GOD is wrong hmmm... I don't know I've never met a christian that actually said his OWN GOD was wrong!?!). I mean come on people! this man is obvisiouly very sick and very debased and needs help QUICKLY! MY message to Obama: STAY AWAY FROM OUR CHILDREN YOU SICK - TWISTSED FREAK AND STAY THE H*** AWAY FROM US YOU FRAUD!

Walt Holton


A middle name certainly should never be a reason to or not to vote for someone. BUT if it is an insight into a person’s background or perhaps what formed their person then it may be wise to pay attention. In the case of B. HUSEIN Obama overlooking the fact that many of his very close relatives were lockstep Moslems would be very foolish. Has he denounced Islam? I know he belongs to a "Christian" church but does that really mean anything? The doctrine of the church he belongs to could in my opinion be renamed the Church of Whateverness (there seems to be a lot of those these days). I don't know the man's heart and soul, only God does, but to get my vote I quote Ricky Ricardo, " got a lot of splanin to do." I do think however BHO has the Moslem vote locked up. I think the world is ready for a non-white non-male President. As a matter of fact I would vote for Keys or better yet J.C Watts over anyone either party has thrown against the wall. A person's past does matter, their character does matter, and if the shoe fits so does their middle name. If a man's middle name was Hitler I'll bet you would change your tune.


Walt, the fact remains that as a child, your parents named you. You had no control over the manner in which they raised you, the schools you went to, or how you dressed. As a man, you grow up and make your own decisions about how you are going to live the rest of your life. You are correct, a person's character and past does matter, but a name does not. If he doesn't practice Islam and is not affiliated with it with his immediate family especially, then it really shouldn't matter what his middle name is. And besides, if someone would name their child Hitler, then it's up to that child to change it, IF THEY WANT TO, whenever they reach ADULTHOOD.
Personally, I don't agree with his politics, but it absolutely has nothing to do with his name.




Can we just agree on the fact that if Mr. Barrack Husein Obama becomes our next president we'll all have less of our own money to spend. Alot less.

Steve J

Hey Dem, Go join the sensitivity police. You remind me of the kind of lawyers that defend child rapists pro-bono.

Steve J

I dont know how these Dems with such fragile souls can leave the house every morning.


Steve J, I guess we leave the house in the same fashion that you brainless idiots do. But I guess you all are right, I shouldn't get upset with people who can't spell Hussein.


K.D. made a very true, very simple statement. And rather than respond to it with a single useful idea or argument, you try to insult him based on a spelling error.


Democrat, listen you may think that you are sensitive and thoughtful but I have a news flash for you: the world judges actions not intentions. Let the rest of your ilk know. You know what I'm talking about too. It's all you people do..... talk.

Walt Holton

Ok so let’s say BHO doesn’t need to defend his Moslem inspired name. Let’s say we give him a pass on that one. You know he belongs to a "Christian" church now, so he must sand fast to the Christian beliefs that founded our nation. Let’s just let him defend his "Christian" church that so recently honored, devout Moslem, black activist and racist Lois Farican. This is just plain silly!!! Why is it that every harmless evangelical Christian must explain their beliefs while getting scoffed at yet a man with very divisive and racist ties gets a pass?

Post Script. Those who can't spell should blame it on the public schools. Failure is allowed by Libs as long as you have someone to blame it on.

Ray Hicks

Cilida Ellison, the mother of Representative Keith Ellison (D- Minn), said when her son was sworn into office about a year ago, not on the Bible but on the Koran, “Many people in America are going to learn what the diversity of American is all about.”

With Senator Obama on the presidential horizon, that statement may take on a whole new meaning, leaving us with a lesson we can wholly do without.

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