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January 03, 2008


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Ray Hicks

Does, “God Hate Fags?”

I haven’t been around enough of them to know. And unlike the esteemed, but disbarred attorney, Reverend Fred Phelps and his merry band of closely bred-lunatics, the Almighty hadn’t personally whispered the answer to that one in my ear.

But, if He doesn’t…Why should we?

Why should we be a nation of gay-bashers, figuratively luring queers into dark alleys and beating them senseless? Seems to me, they have enough problems on their own. The gay lifestyle does not appear all that gay.

I don’t suppose that it should be. I’ve heard homosexualality described as “sick.” Maybe, that’s what it is. I’ve seen photos of the Fulton Street Fair and you won’t get any argument out of me about that. But if homosexuals are sick, you have to ask yourself, “Does God Hate Schizophrenics? Manic- Depressives? Borderlines?

It wasn’t so long ago, that the DSM included homosexuality as a personality disorder. (Homophobia, I think, may still be included.) Maybe, we all would be more comfortable if they just went back into the closet and stopped wagging their garishly ringed finger in our faces. Stopped trying so hard to get a seat in our living rooms. Stopped filing lawsuits.

I unquestionably understand the Biblical prohibition against homosexuality. But does that mean…“God Hates Fags?” If He does, He must hate adulterers, thieves, Sabbath breakers and those who use His Holy name in vain. I know what Phelps thinks, but you tell me.

Should we hate fags?

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