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January 09, 2008


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Ray Hicks

Mr. Duke,

I have to preface this question of course, by saying that I do not support Senator Clinton’s bid for the presidency. But, can you find any more unflattering photos of Hillary Clinton to post with your articles and poetry?

Those pictures are just cheap shots. Anybody can be caught in a momentary pose that makes them look silly.

A couple of years ago Rush Limbaugh went on TV and made some unkind remarks about Ms. Clinton’s appearance, as if he were such a fine figure of a man himself.

For him, it was an obvious case of the pot calling the kettle black. For you, I would take the liberty to suggest that it is simply a poor choice that takes away from the seriousness of your writing.

Walt Holton

A tip for Hillary- the next time you plan a crying jag, put a little Jalapeño on the back side of your finger. When you want the tears, casually rub your eyes. It hurts but remember, you are doing it for America. To really blow our socks off, use a heavy coat of cheap mascara on your lower eye lashes. When it starts to run with the tears the cameras will be sure to get a good shot of it. Oprah will likely change sides and come to your camp.

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