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July 08, 2008


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$10 haircuts. Whether it is Paul the barber at "Paul's Barbershop", Sergio at "Renaissance Hair Designs", or Monique at "Ultimate Image Salon" A basic hair cut is a hair cut. Paul charges $10, Sergio $20, and Monique $17.95. All are a hair cut, so the state should step in and mandate the price for a basic hair cut. No exceptions. Severe penalties for charging more. Now Paul, Sergio, and Monique can all live the same lifestyle. All also will have to only work 40 hours/week. No getting over on the other hair cutters, by unfairly hogging customers by working longer hours. Also no fair cutting faster to turn over more customers. Better for the state to assign time slots for operation, and the maximum amount of time to be spent on each client to make everything fair for every customer, and hair cutter. Did I miss something, well in the spirit of "National Health Care" I propose "National Hair Care" in that all citizens are mandated to have a set number of hair cuts a year. These can be paid for, and specified by the state so that everything is fair for everyone. Everyone wins, and everyone has the same hair, until it falls out...

well-paid working woman

Utopia Eric. I will reschedule my hair appointment for tomorrow, that will end up costing me around $150.00 for cut, color and style, and reschedule with Monique.

demobrat: Why does the conversation have to go to BJ's. Are you not getting enough?


"demobrat: Why does the conversation have to go to BJ's. Are you not getting enough?".....



Quotas only perpetuate the problem of discrimination, whether it be racial or sex.

I can't believe some of the responses to this article, especially the person who was negating the response of Alice, the working mother who realizes that she has a good bargain because of her work freedom instead of increased pay. If she was just as qualified, put in the same hours, produced the same results as the men in her office and still received less pay, then there is a problem that should be addressed.

This whole arguement boils down to life choices and how those choices should affect the lives of individuals involved. Should a black family living in a low-income community receive preferential treatment over a white family in the same area? Should a girl who chooses not to put the time and energy necessary into receiving high grades and test scores be put at an advantage of a boy who strives day in and day out to do his best in order to gain admission into a top university? Should low-income families that choose to have 5 kids be compensated and rewarded for their poor decisions with government money and subsidies? Should overweight people be rewarded and gain the same prices and access to healthcare as an individual who places a priorty on their health and lives a clean lifestyle? Should smokers be allowed access to the same health coverage at the same prices as someone who chooses not to smoke due to its adverse health consequences?

These are all peas in the same pod. Trying to legislate equality of pay, education, work position, healthcare, etc. promotes poor lifestyle choices and rewards innefficiency.

America wasn't founded on Equality of Position in life, it's called Equality of Opportunity, and that Equality is becoming fewer and farther between. Whether it be in admission to universities, hiring practices, pay in the workplace, or athletics I find it hard to believe that McCain, Bush, Obama, Clinton, whoever it is, has the answers to solve the inequalities of this country over the forces of the Free-Market...

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