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November 27, 2008


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The Animal Council of America reports that over one hundred million turkeys will die to commemorate the treachery of the Pilgrims and the theft from Native Americans of their lands, lives and culture.

It is time this slaughter is stopped…forever!

The turkey, once considered for the elevated position of our National Bird, is every year subjected to a wave of genocidal violence that decimates its proud population. And leaves the best and brightest of its breed, a victim at the table of already too fat Americans, gorging themselves in an orgy of beer, booze, football and drumsticks.

How long can we tolerate this vicious crime? This affront to decency? This horrible murder?

I urge you my fellow Americans, to take this day of Thanksgiving and ask yourselves what “Thanks” the turkey, our fellow traveler on this planet and like ourselves, God’s Holy Creature, has to give. The carcasses of its brethren scattered on cutting boards throughout the country, while those responsive for the offense against it, watch with dimmed eyes as awful plates are passed expectantly.

Stop the Violence Now! (And by the way Selwyn…A Very Happy Thanksgiving back to you!)


Hey buffoon, your stupidity doesn't really merit a reaction but sometimes it cannot be helped so here goes: what's it going to take for you and your peta compatriot degenerates to understand that animals were put on earth by God to serve mankind and be eaten? Only a mental defective would apply human jargon to describe animal conditions. Do us a favor go protest in China. Gobble Gobble



I’ve suspected for a long time that you’re not too smart. That doesn’t bother me as much as your unrelenting tough-guy commentary. So, let me confess and please accept my humble apology.

The thing that you are drooling and frothing at the mouth over my so, so serious friend…was a JOKE! (Sorry you didn’t get it. I supposed that anyone with the common sense of a turkey would.)

Nonetheless, if my words weren’t posted in jest, I would have to agree with you!

Sorry and Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve got to go…the turkey is ready to carve.



Just to be clear…I did genuinely wish you a “Happy Thanksgiving” in my original post.

And, to anyone I might have annoyed, I offer my apology.



Gee, I hope this is over and you’re not going to wait for me after school and beat me up.


Geesh Mr. End you had me going too. I was feeling so bad about the turkey thing I was going to eat beef instead. Now that would be a lot of stuffing.


That thing was so outrageous; so much over the line that I thought it was laughable. It may have worked as a monolouge along with facial expressions and vocal inflection, but plainly in print it did not come off as a joke and in the end, although I object to his manner, HC’s attack was a fair one. Glad you decided to save a cow though.


Mr. Madness,

It is funny and scary! Once such insanity would be an obvious hyperbole. Today we take it serious because if we don't and someone means such a thing eventually we will have to meet in the middle. The compromise between sanity and lunacy is insanity.

Surely Rod Sterling will step from the shadow and sum up the episode soon.

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