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November 17, 2008


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Mr. Duke,

Your certianly not the first to predict something like this and now the possibility of it becoming viable is real enough. I believe especially as our population grows becoming more diverse and polarized such a volunteer force will be "needed" to squash "insurrection" and the like. However, to be completely honest I welcome things like this to come about as it will inevitably knock people out of their complacency and bring about conditions where real "change" can begin to take place.



You're an alarmist, and apparently full of fear. However, if you'd do a bit if actual research, you will find the following FACTS! :-)

Obama is referring to a proposal for a civilian reserve corps the could handle postwar construction efforts such as rebuilding infrastructure--an idea endorsed by the Bush administration!! You all need to relax; it's not going to be a DOMESTIC force--it will be used in OTHER COUNTRIES. In fact, the State Department is already building a force similar to the one Obama described. The Civilian Response Corps, as it is called, was launched two years ago by the Bush administration, after a BIPARTISAN vote by Congress and at the urging of Republicans including former Secretary of State Colin Powell. They are now recruiting engineers, law enforcement personnel, health officers, city administrators and other specialists who could be sent overseas to help re-establish government controls after a crisis. John E. Herbst (former ambassador to the Ukraine) is leading the project and he says, "Our military performed brilliantly," but added that the troops needed the SKILLS and ASSISTANCE of civilians to help re-establish order. Herbst also says, "I believe it would save us LIVES AND MONEY in the long run." So please, please, all you alarmist, and scared paranoid people--RELAX. Obama hasn't even spent one day in office yet, and you're all flying off the handle, and you're basing it on nothing but fear and rumor.

I think it's a fine idea to have this kind of thing in place to help rebuild in countries which have been, or will be war torn. An additional point is that the Military isn't always trained in the areas where help is needed. In other words, restoring electrical power, or clean water, etc. Our troops are being spread pretty thinly, and this type or corps will also help take the pressure off of them. The military is currently being taxed, with all our activity in Irag and Afghanistan, etc. What if,heaven forbid, some other military crisis comes along? We would need those troops to be deployed. This corps could then come into Iraq, for example, and then those troops can be sent back home or somewhere else. Again, I just wish that people wouldn't get hysterical over something which would be a rebuilding, FOREIGN corps. And, whether or not you or anyone else is against it... it already DOES exist. At any rate, there will NOT be armed militia patrolling our streets.

On a totally different note, he does want to expand the Peace Corps and Americorps, and also create an Energy Corps (among others), and I see nothing wrong with that. None of these other programs will be patrolling our streets either. They would be involved with Energy and Education (in the class rooms helping, not being re-educated and brainwashed; not being thought police). Obama's intelligent and he has IDEAS. New ideas. Maybe even some fresh ideas. Of course not ALL of them will work--no one's perfect. But I'm sure some of them will work quite well--but not if they're not even given a chance... I'm tired of the Americans being so divided; I really wish we COULD work TOGETHER to do some positive things in this country to strengthen ALL OF US. Our peace and prosperity, etc.


Jason, pass the kool-aid buddy. You've overdosed on it. Why do we need a new "securiy force"? Isn't it because the police don't zeig hail Obama? What part of the comparisons to Hitler's modus operandi were you slow to understand? First they form a fanatically loyal military wing, then they confiscate guns from the population, then they march you off for re-education. It's not so hard to add up. Then again , maybe you're just part of the problem trying to sell this load of marxist crap to the rest of us. The kids that haven't lived through socialism don't understand it and will be slow to reject it, but only at first until its too late.

TV man

"Why do we need a new 'securiy force'? Isn't it because the police don't zeig hail Obama?" - HC

Dude, remember Archie Bunker? You are him man! You are him...


Ahh the naive typical dismissals by a true believing child bought lock stock and barrel. What do you think Hussein means when he says he’ll change the world little boy? For all our sakes I hope you're right about me and the other 58 million people who voted only once against Hussein. You should watch less tv and learn more about history.


RE: HC's response to my comment.
Did you even READ my response? Did you do ANY research to either verify statements I made? Did you Google "Civilian Response Corps" to read for yourself that this type of program ALREADY EXISTS? This is NOT A DOMESTIC FORCE. It's both hilarious and sad that you keep making all these Hitler comparisons. When this issue popped up on blogs, I actually delved into it, and found some facts, and then drew a conclusion. You live in fear and paranoia. It's like you're shutting out reality, and only hearing the little bits and pieces that you want to. You probably still believe a lot of other misinformation about Obama as well. Obama doesn't want your gun. Obama doesn't want thought police, or brain washing. Obama was sworn into office on his family bible. Obama is a christian. And the list goes on. I feel bad for you, man. Anyway, as time passes, you will see that your worries were just that: WORRIES, and unfounded ones at that. Have a nice day :-)


Jason, it's you who's shutting out reality. What Obama is talking about isn't the civilian response corps you're talking about but a different idea altogether. Here is Rahm Emanuel (who Obama has taken into his administration) talking about this is 2006.

EMANUEL: Universal Civil Defense Training… I think he had it at 18, but we were saying somewhere between the ages of 18 and 25, you will do three months of training. You can do it in your(inaudible). Some point in college you can do just that. There can be nothing wrong with all Americans having a joint similar experience of civil… what we call civil defense training or civil service… some sense of service to country in preparation, which will give people a sense of what it means to be an American. We propose three months. At the end of the day someone says it should be four more. I’m not going to sit here and hold it up.

Here's the link:

You sound like a naive child. You say Obama doesn't want our guns? Have you examined his voting record? You naively believe these things because Obama says so. You don't understand that he has completely lied about his record and goals because he wanted the votes of suckers like you.


Jason, ever hear the term "useful idiot"? Sad sad day in America but with all my heart I hope you're right. However with all my brain I know you're wrong. If they come for my gun I'm going down shooting.


I pray you are right! We can recover from another Clinton or even Carter. I too am concerned with the civilian force "as large and as well funded as the military" (loose quote from memory). With such a statement and his past discipleship of Saul Ailinski and other "associations" concern is prudent. Perhaps our concerns are exaggerated by our required public school reading of Huxley, Heinlein, Bradbury, Orwell and such. We watch...

TV man

HC askes: "What do you think Hussein means when he says he’ll change the world little boy?"

I think he means he'll make it a better place, punk.


Why, yes, there are several totally separate ideas. The biggest concern lately seems to be with the so called civilian national security force, which I outlined above. There are also other proposed corps on the table, which are entirely different. If you've done the research, then you know these include:
* a Classroom Corps to help underserved schools
* a Health Corps to serve in the nation's clinics and hospitals
* a Clean Energy Corps to achieve the goal of energy independence
* a Veterans Corps to support the Americans who serve by standing
in harm's way

Now tell me, HC, are any of these armed security forces? NO! Are you really that concerned about someone tutoring reading or math in a school? Why are you concerned about people supporting and assisting the veterans in this country? In all my research, these are the ones I've seen: Foreign Service (the so-called CNSF), to help with rebuilding, the Education, Health, Energy, and Veterans. Why do these ideas scare you so much? They are ideas so HELP THIS COUNTRY, not to hinder it. At any rate, everyone should realize that change in this country tends to be slow and incremental, with checks and balances along the way. It's not something that happens overnight.

As far as guns... he's not going to "take your guns." He very well may support common sense gun laws, which I fully support. One doesn't need a machine gun to hunt deer, for example. Just recently I saw that a young child was killed while shooting one. Handguns? Fine! Rifles? Fine! Shotguns? OK! But a machine gun? AK-47's and the like, freely and widely available? WHY? There is no reason these deadly weapons should be so easy to get. If you make a case that you think they should be available, I'd accept it, but still would say there's nothing WRONG with REQUIRING a background check and waiting period!! If someone feels an absolute need to get that kind of weapon, then make them go through a process that makes sense. Why should some mentally unstable whack job have easy access to ALL of these deadly weapons? Well...they shouldn't. Remember the Virginia Tech shootings? Unstable person with a gun... kills numerous people... compounding the tragedy... it's avoidable.

I'm not closing my eyes at all. I will be happy to watch and see what Obama does, to criticize or disagree with him, to question. That is, after all, the American way! However, the man is not even in office. And I definitely see a lot of fear, paranoia, and conspiracy theories floating around. Give Obama the chance to prove you wrong.


Detail omitted: I apologize HC, as I thought both of those posts were from you. My more recent post above is really more for Martin, I suppose.
I fully realize that both sides have lied; this is American politics, and that's just about a gimme. However, if one digs deep, and looks at a few fact checking sites, you can usually find the truth of the matter. Sites such as and ... I wish you well. Don't be so scared of new ideas. We will all be watching.


A reading from HC: "If they come for my gun I'm going down shooting."

Gee, you must really like your gun!


That rifle hanging on the wall of the working-class flat or labourer's cottage is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there." -- Eric Blair, aka George Orwell


Oh, please...
Do you think HC's deer rifle or in his case probably an assault rifle, with limited ammunition supplies is any threat to a trained military unit with heavy weapons and ordinance. They'll "pry it from [his] cold dead hand" (I think that's a quote from C. Heston maybe, you seem to like quotes) if he has a hand left, without working up a sweat. (No offense to you intended, HC.)

bye w

From Walt: "I pray you are right! We can recover from another Clinton or even Carter."

I'd appreciate it, if you would start praying for recovery from the legacy of eight years of George W. Bush. But, I'm afraid we are going to need more than prayer.


Jason, you're a good example of the ignorance of Obama voters. "Machine guns" are NOT readily available. It's almost impossible to get one actually. You have to get a federal machine gun license and that is a huge task. The AK-47's you see on TV once in a while are NOT machine guns. They are just semi-automatic guns that have a military look. And semi-automatic means that every time the trigger is pulled one shot is fired. It's nice to know though that you're voting on issues you know nothing about. It's hard to support "common sense" gun control when you don't even know the facts.

Ignorant Obama Voter

Martin says: "The AK-47's you see on TV once in a while are NOT machine guns. They are just semi-automatic guns that have a military look."

Sorry Martin,
Actually the AK47 has a selector switch that allows it to fire in either semi-automatic or fully automatic modes.


Ignorant Obama Voter, your name is correct. Since you seem dense I'll clarify. I was NOT talking about the weapons you might see actors using in movies. I was talking about the guns that actually are available to the public since that's what we were talking about. Those AK's are configured to fire in ONLY semi-automatic mode. They have no selector switch. Learn the facts before opening your dumb trap.

Ignorant Obama Voter

Moron (sorry) Martin:
Look, you micro-cephalic cretin, a true AK47 fires in fully automatic mode. I’ve fired more AK’s on automatic than you have pimples on your face. The variants sold in the U.S. for wimpy-boys like you to play tough-guy with are remanufactured to fire semi-auto. This is done to comply with the law and so you don’t hurt yourself. (Beside you wouldn’t be able to hit anything on automatic anyway.) So, go change your diaper junior and when you’re grown up enough to have a conversation (and with your big mouth you’ll be lucky to get that far) write me back, genius.


It's telling that you find the need to almost immediately resort to name calling (Jason, you're a good example of the ignorance of Obama voters & before opening your dumb trap...), instead of treating people with respect. I haven't resorted to these measures and don't plan to. Regardless of models or features, this still happened just recently (which I noticed you ignored),0,418822.story
And, I think it's time to finally close the so-called gun show loophole. It doesn't matter if the number of guns used in crimes purchased there is of a low percentage; if it saves LIVES, it's worth it. Additionally, I don't think one needs an AK-47 and the like to hunt with, regardless of whether it's automatic or semi automatic. The ONLY point I was making to begin with was that Obama will not be coming (nor sending anyone else) to get your guns! LOL. I didn't vote for Obama based on his thoughts on gun laws or gun control. That is such a minor issue right now, in the grand scheme of things.
Also, I notice you didn't pursue much further discussion of "the corps." Are you familiar with those fact checking sites? I suggest you use them now and then. I'm neither naive nor a sucker, and don't appreciate your characterizations nor your condescending and snide demeanor towards me. I have been nothing but civil and respectful. I'll leave you with one little "opinion" : your behavior is akin to a kid throwing a temper tantrum -- grow, mature, seek the truth, and don't attempt to seek pleasure in demeaning others.


Jason you seem like a sensible guy that can be persuaded by reason & logic. Are you sure you’re a democrat? Some of your comments almost make me regret my initial reaction that assumed you were a leftist propagandist. But you jumble up so many specious arguments together that it will take some effort to untangle them all properly. I hate writing so much but as an America lover I will not go gentle into that good night!

Civilian security force. According to American Thinker: “He plans to double the Peace Corps' budget by 2011, and expand AmeriCorps, USA Freedom Corps, VISTA, YouthBuild Program, and the Senior Corps. Plus, he proposes to form a Classroom Corps, Health Corps, Clean Energy Corps, Veterans Corps, Homeland Security Corps, Global Energy Corps, and a Green Jobs Corps. Here a corps - there a corps - everywhere a corps.” The Army alone has nearly 500,000 troops. That doesn't count reserves or National Guard. For anyone wondering what does Obama need another 500,000 member civilian security force for? Perhaps this is the answer: .

Edumacashon. I like how you make it appear so innocent as if the public school system in this country isn’t an abysmal utterly disgraceful failure on all levels as if they’ve been under funded all these years. Wake up man. Billions of dollars already spent, and what do we have to show for it besides gay themed schools, social promotion, ignoramuses that can’t read and write, ebonics, metal detectors in schools, extra security guards, classes to learn how to put condoms on cucumbers, and wholesale indoctrination to grow another crop of dependant voters living off food-stamps and collecting welfare. Government has a track record already so you have to be really naïve to believe that empowering them further would produce better results. Do you have any idea how lowly we rate in academics when compared with the rest of the world? According to OECD 25 in math and lower than 30 in reading, even behind Mexico. By the way the US is second globally in spending per student on education. Oh yes, give them more money to hire maf tutors Hussein that oughta fix it.

Guns. To achieve success he’s got to start by registering them and then confiscating them from law abiding citizens. The criminals though, they can keep theirs. We don’t want to hurt their feelings and seem prejudiced. Imagine how many lives would have been saved if some other students or teachers had a gun when the psycho from VT went on a rampage. Guns save lives. We need crime control not misguided gun control. Here’s some stats to open your eyes: .

Checks and balances. What checks and balances? Democratic house, democratic senate, supreme court hanging by a thread. Those fools in black robes actually gave due process to international terrorists who want to kill us or convert us. If that abomination Franken in MN actually succeeds in stealing a seat they’ll be even closer to a filibuster-proof senate.

From my cold dead hand Obama. From my cold dead hand.


Jason, the reason why I react that way to you is that people like you are responsible for the destruction of our society. You don't really understand who you're voting for but still you think your qualified to vote. You listen to people like Ignorant Obama Voter, when they lie through their teeth. To Ignorant Obama Voter, you just proved yourself guilty. Since you know the truth about Ak's which is that only the semi-auto version is available to the public, it means you were LYING when you implied otherwise in a previous post. You are a LIAR.

Ignorant Obama Voter

Can you really be so stupid? Just go to bed. Things might look different for you in the morning. "Destruction of our society..." are you kidding? Read something beside the wacko ramblings of Duke and his J.B.S. buddies. Get off this site. I am, reading this stuff makes me feel like I need a shower.


People like me are responsible for the destruction of our society?? Dear lord, and here I got up today, just like the sun, and went to work. If I knew society was destroyed, I most certainly would've stayed at home and slept in an extra hour. I guess I missed that memo. I totally understand who I'm voting for, and spent a good amount of time doing plenty of research before the election, and not just on the presidential candidates. Years ago, I would have very much considered supporting McCain; times changed, however, and so did he. Yes, I'm quite qualified to vote, and where do you get off saying that citizens are not qualified to vote. I daresay that MANY voters on BOTH sides do little or no research, and actually base their votes SOLELY on the ads they see and the propaganda which is fed to them. I find this sad, but would never want to deny them the right to vote.

Yes, there are now going to be more democrats in office; at least for a while. This is because in this democracy of OURS, those are the people the citizens of America voted for. It's actually scary to me that you seem to feel or believe that certain people should be denied the right to vote, or that certain people should be denied due process, etc. Do you want freedom in this country or not? I'm sure that the pendulum will once again swing the other way (to the right and the republicans); so many things are cyclical. Don't be a sore loser. If you're that scared or truly think that our society has been destroyed, perhaps you should check out some other places to live.

I agree that the educational system in this country is most definitely sub par, but do you have some positive suggestions which might work towards making it better? Bitching won't change things. Negativity won't change things. Come on now, "maf" etc? That's wrong. I do believe education is key, and would love to see more success in this arena.

I have to say that after some of the language, and the attitudes I'm seeing here, that I feel that at least some of you are simply scared as hell because a big ole black (biracial) man got elected as President of these United States.

Basically, I believe what I believe, and you believe what you believe. That's fine.

I don't believe that I'll keep discussing these issues, beca

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