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November 26, 2008


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no name given

I take it back about the videos. This one was interesting. What do you think..."Shock Doctrine" applied to climate?



Altough I much prefer your articles to vids, this one was quite good. I doubt even such reasonable argument as made in these vids will be considered by the cult that is the global warming croud.

Gobble gobble

W. Tieff

Personally, i can only offer this:

In 1989, I was in 5/6th grade. I wrote a class paper on chlora-fluoro-carbons that were apparently contributing to the degredation of the O-zone layer...... I read about it in National Geographic Mag...
I received an "A" in that class, if my memory serves... but I received far lower grades in other classes due to my own failings in focus and memorization. What can i say? Girls are CUTE!!!!
The world didn't end because of the hole in the ozone-layer, and the lowland gorillas are not extinct... and i haven't heard a freakin' word out of Ethiopia until surprise Muslim benefactors have implemented their benevolent institutions......... Yeah, our emperialistic Nation is soooooooooooooo on the ball with this sh!t... No wonder Putin's foreign policy involves Venezuela........... we haven't done f*Ck all with our OWN FREAKING NEIGHBORHOOD!!!

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