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November 26, 2008


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Nice piece Selwyn.

“…they just throw a hissy-fit when someone proposes that Christianity might be the solution.”

Some of the "hissy-fit[ters]" perpetuate such venomous distain for those who believe in a Christian God, that they would rather see a collapse in our systems than accept or recognize that our past success, morality and national personality was, and all that is good today is, a residual of Judeo-Christian principals. As the residual is further diluted, men who can not say the truth because of political correctness will make laws and create "morality." The “morality” will not be based upon any truth, logic or reason because truth, logic and reason can not be edited to suit…they simply are. Compliance to the “new morality” can only be achieved via conditioning, since logic and reason do not apply. Where will this all lead? The Neo-Borg?

This is all too easy. Use history. Let’s just look back at all of the bad stuff honestly and not do that. Look back at periods of general happiness, prosperity and freedom and try and duplicate that. I think you will find interesting correlations in periods of happiness, prosperity and freedom.


the site that this article is on should leave the J off of the


Oh, look another comment from the resident 12 year old democrat! Is that laughter I hear at this immense display of wit. Oh no sorry. Its crickets chirping, my mistake. They sound so much alike.


I really liked this article, because it holds so true that the basis of these financial problems is corruption, greed, and a total lack of ethics in the way people do business and treat others. It’s not business itself. I was just talking to my brother in law today over our turkey feast about the problems within the automakers, many caused by the unions. He took to this especially as he has been in construction all his life, and held dear to the unions. He is now retired and receives his pension. I do realize of course the impact unions have had on working conditions and back during certain times they were an invaluable force to make the workplaces good for the employees at the time and beyond. But now we see the effects of entiltement behavior and providing tons of people benefits that are no longer contributing (working) to the companies. I heard it was like 5 retirees to every 1 employee at GM, and a 3 to 1 ratio at Ford. This is an upside down pyramid graph of economics and can't sustain itself. He contested that people like him worked hard their whole lives and they deserve those benefits. But the room suddenly got pretty quiet when I pointed out that those of us in Gen X will never know what a pension is. Almost all private company's have taken that benefit right away and told us to save via a 401K for our retirement. I have worked hard my whole life too, and I just watched my money, that I saved for my future, tank into a pit of carelessness! And the people who did it, are not only not getting punished, but are getting more money for all the damage they just caused. Ethics? What ethics?
There are how many people in this country (legally)? 380 million? Why don't they just give every legitimate citizen $1 million dollars each. Its way cheaper than the bailout! Everyone could go out and buy a home outright, and help clean up the foreclosures lying around. Sure there would be alot of frivolous spending, but that would definitely jump start the economy! Idiots with money will always be idiots, but you have to pay for your own mistakes! I also think many would be entrepanuers, being now able to create their dreams and make them a reality! That means more jobs and those companies could replace the losers who thought it would be a good idea to pay their CEO's enormous bonuses to cook the books, break the law, and run the companies right into the ground. I have a degree in business. For class, I did research on Andrew Carnegie and how he became the legend. He was a man who knew his strengths, but more importantly, knew his weaknesses. Arrogance is another something that cripples many people today. He was smart enough to know that he wasn't the smartest in everything, and he always found the best of the best in the areas he needed. He also treated every one with respect. From a millionaire of his own status, right down to the beggar on the street. Andrew Carnegie knew ethics. Napoleon Hill wrote a book called Think and Grow Rich, based on Andrew Carnegie and his philosophys. Andrew agreed to mentor him if he wrote down his strategy, and then published it for everyone. He wanted everyone who wanted to, to succeed as well.
It’s important in business to do so, for the collective good of all. We have come to a point where we believe that money is far greater than a reputation. Or better yet, you can just buy it I guess. With all the shows about how rich and famous people are living, I guess it’s not a surprise that people go to any lengths to be like them too.
I myself just hope and pray that the right person, comes along at the right time, and does the right thing. Not just for himself, like we see all over now, but for all of us. Justice is equality in opportunity, not equality of outcome! See what happens when they cut the ethics classes from the school curriculums due to budget cuts?



1 million for every person in the US is 380 trillion...I do not think we will be able to pull that one off.

Any bail out is is time to face the music. It is time for the Baby boomers to realize all of the wealth they thought they had was an illusion just as the dot com economy was an illusion. We all must realize each of us must take charge of ourselves. We must have self discipline and restraint in all matters. If we don’t, the government will do it for us... and that my friends will not be pretty. Gen-X (or whatever the 30-45 gen is called) it is time for us to mark history as survivors. It is time that we, take our place as the generation that saved liberty. Diligence, self reliance, compassion, justice, virtue, historical perspective, skepticism and courage we each must embody.


Hi Walt,
I know the point of course and I was being over the top with my point really. I agree with you that it is time to face the music and stop trying to put bandaids on everything. But I am very serious with the way we need to start thinking about the collective good. Of course giving $1 million to every American is over the top, but don't you think giving trillions back to criminals who caused this mess, with virtually no punishment is as well? I'd rather see Americans get the money! It would be cheaper too!


kster, your pathetic attempt at a resolution for this problem is the exact reason we are in this mess in the first place: incompetents making important decisions. every economist knows that your plan isn't feasible, which is why they aren't doing it. but then again, no one should expect an intelligent answer from our resident idiot: YOU!

W. Tieff

There you go again, democrat. Calling someone "idiot"... (no matter if deserved or not..)
F'; you. You, "democrat", have nothing useful nor constructive to offer this forum. Please go away.

W. Tieff

I was just kidding, dem.... please don't go away!
But for the love of all that's holy and rightous, please try to refrain from reactionary judgements on the simple and spoon-fed opinions that other posters offer up in response to Selwyn's topics.... They are only trying to expound on the discussion at hand, and may not be privy to all the info that's been presented by the MSM, or their own freaking conscience...... myself included..........................................................

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