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December 05, 2008


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Not only are you a fuddy duddy, you are duddy fuddy; and by that I mean you miss the point entirely. You my friend should be a priest. Why not speak the truth to a flock that can understand you, instead of a multitude who can't. Grow up and give up, and do what God calls you to do you fool.

Time is short, and you are getting shorter are you not?
Folly is Jolly until the Grim Reaper comes. Then you will know the real meaning of Truth. Catholic Priest or nothing you fool. Give up your literary ambitions now, while you can.


Anyone who thinks there are not long term implications to a cheating climate is a fool! It is a gateway crime like marijuana is a gateway drug. Not every one who takes MJ will be a heroin or meth addict but nearly all who are, started with MJ. Cheating is among the most "innocent" of all crime, but it is a character cancer. It eats away at an individuals self control. A nation, in which the majority of its people have no self control, is one that fails, or one that imposes the control. One way or another we must have order and control. If we do not control ourselves by making things such as cheating taboo, the imposed control that will substitute for it, eventually, is a loss of liberty.

Self control is a block in the foundation of freedom, a block that without, this house can not stand.


"If you're not cheatin'...You're not tryin'!"


A cheat is a thief! You steal a grade. A stolen grade is a stolen scholarship, grant, or job. A lost scholarship, grant or job is life changing to the worthy looser.

I think you got it backwards mer-e-can-way, it should be phrased. "If you are not trying, you are cheating."

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