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January 20, 2009


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Isnt it amazing how the issue of border security vanished during the presidential campaign? The most powerful nation on Earth(for now) will not even defend its borders against unlimited invasion. But, what am I thinking? Having 20-30 million invaders who laugh at our soveriegnty is a plus for America. Diversity is such a strength.



The however million illegal pose an obvious threat to the economy with unemployment nearing double digits, but that is the most innocent of problems they pose. Zeta and the Mexican Mafia run Mexico. Once two bit drug pushers, they now are highly trained, well armed, ruthless to the bone, and control the government of Mexico. They have operatives on both sides of the border. Although their organization would probably not stand up to a half dozen fully armed Cobra helicopters neither would Hamas, Al Qaeda, or Hezbollah if they fought conventionally. Mexico is among the worlds most corrupt and unstable governments. I do believe our other foes around the world have heard the old adage, "The enemy of our enemy is our friend."


It's time for a revolution. We need to kick out the aliens and also the politicians supporting them.

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