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January 23, 2009


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G'day Bruce, and nice piece.

Of course just taxing gifts like beauty and stature is not the answer any more than taxing the wealthy is the answer to equality. However, there is a way to make all things equal, especially in the age of technology such as this. I always dreamed of being a professional basket ball player. The only things that held me back were the lack of speed, stature, talent and dedication. But why should I be denied the opportunity to make millions playing a game I love. Certainly with technology as it is the game could be made quite equitable. Perhaps a computer program could identify a shorter, slower, less talented person, and automatically adjust the rim height. Perhaps the computer could even produce a laser light halo, that a defender may not cross, around the disadvantaged offensive players, with the halo size based upon his/her/it (why leave out the girls and transgendered) deficiencies. Or perhaps just adjusting the value of a 2 point shot, upward based upon lack of skill (a 40 point basket would work for me). This would truly level the playing field, or court as it were.

I am sure we could adapt such a handicapping system to all pro sports; in the name of fairness. Just think of all of the millions of people that would be making millions of dollars playing pro sports, we could save the economy without raising taxes! We could eliminate the Special Olympics and just have one set of Olympics designed that all athletes finish the race at the same would there be “a lot of happy people! Consider the "serious" athletes. They would no longer need to spend countless hours practicing, conditioning and studying their craft. Surely they would be tickled with the thought of sleeping in, watching TV instead of the weight room and eating any junk food they so please. They think they are happy now, wait until they have their cake and eat it to.

Think about the Vegas line on all games…they would all be even if all games ended in a tie. No losers, no winners all would be fair. Oh, what a world it would be...John Lennon would be proud...Imagine all the people.

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