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January 10, 2009


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Well presented retort Selwyn, although it is a shame you need to do such a thing. Mr. Lawless' little game is proof positive that even an aged, average frame, mutilated man is athletically superior to the finest female athletes. The sexes are really different, just as blue and yellow are different. World view and philosophy can not change the truth...Is, is.

The real shame here is the amount of technology, and medical energy that has been spent on these crazy procedures. Adadicktomes and Lopitoffofmes are elective procedures that attempt to physically correct a mental or spiritual issue. In the mean time how many children go without even the most basic medical care? Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes and the like go uncured, while Bob gets boobs. Selfishness and greed.

sumptos devil s advocate

"I've noticed that when one writes a piece critical of altered men (note: I use this term to refer to women, too), the few of them who exist and their apologists will often crawl out of the woodwork and comment on it."

It's called people who disagree with you. You would be ignored were it not for your type of person who would verbally abuse someone in public you knew was transsexual.

If you want biological evidence, there's loads of it here:

Also, anyone who thinks the David Reimer case is disproof of transsexualism really needs to study the literature.

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