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January 08, 2009


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Jena Lewis

Selwyn, I am sorry but your article here is A)Majorly disresectful/offensive to the woman that won this tournament. B) Based on backward prejudice. C) Thologically inaccurate. D) Is in disagreement with many of our most trusted athletic organizations.

First off to call a woman a man, just because you disregard her diagnosis as a valid one shows the level of insensitivity equal to someone that would say that heart disease, or breat cancer do not truly exist. Gender Dysphoria has been medically proven as the brain of a transexual person more resembles that of the brain of the gender roll that person presents as. Secondly (not to say that miss Lawless is in this group of people) yet still there is an ever growing population of people in this world with ambiguous sexual characteristics, I am not talking just genitalia but ambiguous chromisomes (XY,XX, XXY etc...). To assign gender based solely on chromisomes, is not a valid form of assignment at all.
Regarding the theological assignment of gender/sex. It seems you have been skimming through your bible. The bible has many Trangendered people in it, and often God used them to insure his plan. First one that comes to mind is the story of Philip and the Ethopian in the book of Acts. This Transgendered person was THE FIRST person in the bible converted to Christianity! Next comes to mind the entire story of Ruth, Ruth would not have servived long in the courts of her husband had it not been through the aid of the transgendered people. In the book of Isaiah he profisizes the salvation of transgendered believers in his covenants. Christ himself speaks of transgendered people saying that Some Are BORN that way some are made that way by man and some are so for the glory of God.
Finally the IOC, LPGA, pro-tennis organization and many many more professional sports organizations around the world have recognized the need to include rules that state what gender is what. Thanks what the bodies endocrine system does to us majorly effects our bodies abilities it is possible for a person who was formerly female to have the abilities of a man (athleticly), and vice versa. You alluded to this when talking about a boy prior to puberty. However your were off base. After several years of HRT what ever "male advantage" Miss Lawless or anyother transexual person might have had would be gone. Muscle mass and body shape are strongly influenced by hormones, Any "Man" that has removed the majority of his testosterone and in turn increased his estrogen in time would have not "advantage" over any woman in his physical activity. Also what of those many people of the world that don't fit into your Two gender rule, do they not have the right to play professional sports? Someone with typical Klinefelter's Syndrome features would be more than ideal for the NBA, would we exclude these people because they have a chromisomal advantage over "real men?"

Selwyn, please get your information correct before you continue to spread it about the world.

sumptos devil s advocate

The essence of a person's sex is in the structure of that person's brain:

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