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January 11, 2009


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The middle aged man said, ”It was almost like a possession."

I would venture to say he is exactly right in that account. Academia recognizes the mind and body as the whole. However, we are mind, body and spirit. Our minds and bodies can be sickened by parasites, disease and the can the spirit! The spirit owns the body and mind. These folks will not find the answer were they look.


Any doctor willing to cut off these deranged people's limbs should be thrown in jail. What sickos.


I thought it was funny that the Dr. in Britain was said to only talk to people who are sane and suffering from Dymorphia. If you are suffering from this, doesn't that mean you are not sane? Something is very wrong here!


It is a another example of the sickness of sin. Man keeps removing boundaries: sexual orientaion, amputation, or suicide. Man thinks he's God. Even the well reasoned highly educated doctor "does a little research", but totally throws away wisdom and participates in destructive surgery.

These people have something spiritually wrong with them. Purposely mutilating the body is a form of desicration wheather it is your own or others. "For the wages of sin is death", wheather it is slow bit by bit or swift with one stroke.

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