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January 31, 2009


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Philip France


Mister Duke hits another one out of the park, although I do disgree with the referring of BHO to a Neo-Marxist, I would much prefer the term "Crypto-Marxist" as I believe that BHO is as sinister as Marx and Lenin themselves and the "Crypto" prefix alludes to the clever masking of his intentions and the complicity of a bed-wetting mainstream media.

Virtually everyone that has not fallen under his hypnotic spell and who has followed his campaign and early Presidency realizes that virtually every known fact about him has been concealed or rationalized to mean something other than what it really is. Even the fact that he is a smoker has been kept from plain view.

Rev. Wright, Rezko, Ayers and Dohrn, his birthplace and/or citizenship, Frank Marshall Davis, Khalid Rashidi. His grades, his Harvard Law Review opinion pieces and now to his Executive Orders and his ghastly "stimulus" plan, which is nothing more than a ruse to payoff political favors while simultaneously sewing the seeds of Marxism in our Constitutional Republic. We should be afraid of this man. Very afraid.

I believe that it was Aldous Huxley who once stated that, "the eye altering alters all". This is the reason that those on the political Left, crypto-Marxists themseleves, or at least their useful idiots, cannot see past this blatant and sickening euphoria surrounding the BHO Presidency.

One last thing: If you are a benign liberal, and at that I mean a cheerleader of liberal icons rather than a true believer and activist; I urge you to consider the lunatic fringe that you have joined in lock-step with.


Please don't use abbreviations without defining them. It is annoying and bad writing

What the hell does PBUH mean? Iguess I am not super cool.


Great article Selwyn! I too want Obama to fail! I know what he is!

I would even venture to add to your comment about an honest liberal (not that there are many) but I actually ran into one and almost fell out of my seat! He openly admitted he voted for Obama cause he is an EXTREME socialist and wants the country to follow that path cause its the right thing! It left me with a strange feeling too. I would never in a million years agree with this man on probably anything, but I had to respect him on a certain level for his honesty and not skirting around what Obama is like everyone else does!
Now the majority of people I know who voted for Obama, are for the most part, the kind of ignorant idiots who bury thier head in the sand cause they just don't want any problems. And you know the type. Same kind who give into thier kids cause they don't want to fight over saying "NO". Can't be bothered.
I have said many a time that I was hurt, mad and stunned at Bush for really being a closet liberal, but that doesn't mean I am gonna jump and just put a socialist/communist conman in his place, and now I truly do fear my government! And I get the usual pooh poohing of "Communist? Come on thats crazy!" or "Don't be silly, like thats gonna happen!"
This country has become a bunch of complacent, narcissitic zombies who can't be bothered with the truth cause it's too mean, thanks to political correctness and never having any true adversity to deal with. I don't hate my country, but I am truly sickened with many of the people in it right now! Educate yourselves or stay away from the voting polls. Just go play your video games!

Robert Berger

The left hates Bush. So what? And the right doesn't hate Obama? Look who's talking. Personally, I don't hate Bush. I hate what he has done to this nation and the world, which has been absolutely catastrophic.
Let's face it; Obama has been the victim of what is surely the most massive and vicious smear campaign in world history.
It's been nothing but lies,lies and more lies, and gullible conservatives have swallowed all of them like yokels gawking at a travelling quack seeling snake oil.
It's one thing if people disagree strongly with Obama,disapprove of what he stands for and are going to criticize him; that's certainly their right, but the sheer viciousness of conservatives toward Obama just boggles the mind.
I'm not saying that Obama is perfect,the Messiah and the chosen one,and can do no wrong. But he absolutely not the demon,ogre and monster that conservatives have made him out to be. Give the poor man a break and let him do his job, for crying out loud.


Philip, you have no idea how pertinent to term "lock step" is. Watch this "stimulus package" carefully. Watch the states and industries collect bail out bucks. We are running towards National Socialism.


Ok, so why didn't the left give Bush a "break and let him do his job"....for crying out loud?

Go back and read again.

Philip France

To Robert Berger,

You are among the factually deluded sycophants of which I was writing. Give the poor man a break you ask? What medication are you taking?

B. Hussein Obama is far from "poor". And breaks? What about them? How did Affirmative Action programs give him the "breaks" that me and my family are ineligible for because, as caucasians, we are discriminated against?

"Give the poor man a break"? Your rationale for giving this unexperienced Crypto-Marxist a break is to take all the factual associations of his past and call them "lies". Since when do facts that one is uncomfortable with become "lies"? They are still facts, whether we like them or agree with them or not. His associations are who they are. They are empiracal evidence of who he really is (rather than how the press portrays him). Most of the knowledge of his associations come from his own autobiographies. Sit still for a minute and consider: Shouldn't we all be wary of a man who, by age 44, and with a scant resume, has written not one, but TWO memoirs?

"Give the poor man a break", you say? Okay, for the sake of civil argument, let's do just that. Let's whitewash his past and his dubious associations and fast-forward to the here and now:

1. Six executive orders in his first five days at President - this is exceeded (by six to two) the cumulative EO's ordered by past Presidents of the last 30 years! Have you ever heard of the term "legislative process"? I didn't think so. Be afraid.

2. First televsion interview granted to Al Aribya. Not ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSLGBT, God forbid Fox News, but an Arab network? Be very afraid.

3. Cabinet nominations? Where is Bill Richardson these days? My guess is he is consulting Hugo Boss on orange jumpsuit designs.

4. Cabinet nominations? Two tax cheats (Geithner and Daschle)to which the terms "corruption" has been mysteriously redacted from their respective dictionaries?

5. Cabinet nomination and critical appointees? How do you explain 17 lobbyist appointments to key posts? BHO is on record declaring his opposition to such tainted and questionable appointments. This makes him a liar. Do you still trust him? Does he still deserve a "break"?

In my originating opinion, I quoted Aldous Huxley by reiterating that "the eye altering alters all". Mr. Berger is a willing victim of this delusion. Folks of his ilk brought us the Clintons. They were criminals dating back to Little Rock and their co-presidency was scandal-after-scandal (though underreported and downplayed by the midstream media). Folks of his ilk came within a pregnant chad of electing a pathological liar named Al Gore to our highest office (take a moment and phone your friends in Minnesota for their opinion on Global Warming). That medical marijuana sure has some interesting side effects, doesn't it, Robert?

Awaken from your slumber, my friend and be afraid. Be VERY afraid.


Would you allow a convicted child molester that promises to repeat his crime time alone with your son or daughter? Of course not! Giving BHO a chance is the same thing. He has acted as a socialist and promises to continue in those ways. Socialism /Marxism /Bolshevism /Fascism (SSDD) are not compatible with the America of our Constitution nor the Christian ethics upon which it was founded. Give the guy a chance to do what? What he says he will do?

Robert  Berger

Philip France is the deluded one here,not me. Obama is no more a Marxist or communist than Osama Bin Laden is a Jew and a Zionist.
But hysterical,paranoid right-wing wackos have been spreading nothing but unsubstantiated rumors and lies about Obama, while conveniently ignoring all the horrendous things that the Bush administration did to this nation and the world. And to call Clinton and his administration"criminal" after the rampant abuses of power under George W, and his countless crimes and misdemeanors is the rankest hypocrisy.
When I call Obama "poor",it's just a figure of speech. It means that he's in an extremely unfortunate position and is put upon by hostile right-wingers.
Clinton was hardly a perfect president, but he never came remotely close to the appalling damage done by George W.
W is not an evil or malicious man; but his gross incompetence,stupidity,abysmally poor judgement and lack of intellect have done incalculable harm.
That'w why I say, give Obama a chance.



Your passion for hating "W" is only surpassed by the lack of depth of the argument you present. Calling him stupid, incompetent and so on is simply an old leftist tactic of assumptive language. Repeat a statement over and over again whether true or not people will assume it fact...especially in a complacent culture. Yes, W made some mistakes, not the least of which is that he believed that if he was nice enough he could reach across the isle to the leftists. The leftists of today are not your father’s democrat party; one simply at war with the republicans. These leftists are at war with the fabric of the American culture. Those that W believed he could get along with, have no interest in an America of economic and personal freedom, accountability, and morality. Of course the war they fight is not one with a single front. They wish to destroy the family, control the media (not just the news) and education, establish a new morality, and eliminate God. W’s apparent underestimation of the anti-American leftists smells of naiveté. I hope I am wrong and he was just crazy like a fox…only history will tell. As far as we have been told, BHO has not proclaimed a formal Marxist loyalty. That would be counterproductive at this point; there are still too many Christians, and people that still have a concept of the truth in America. I don’t expect BHO to release “The Obamunist Manifesto” any time soon, such a tactic would be unwise. In the mean time it is each of our responsibilities as Americans to sensitize our ears to the sound of a quack, and eyes to a waddling gait.

Philip France

Mr. Berger:

You suggest that I am delusional. I gave you factual accounts in both of my essays. These are not lies, as you suggest. They are facts, whether you agree with them or not. Facts cannot be argued. Your method of accepting them is to impugn them. Be my guest, but this does not change the fact that they are, in fact, facts. Not one iota. You have offered nothing but childish name-calling and woefully ill-informed opinon. It seems that you derive your opinions from self-loathing cretins like Wolf Blitzer. Perhaps your opinion is fashioned by sissies and homosexuals like Chris Matthews or Anderson Cooper. Worse yet, perhaps you gain "knowledge" from lunatics like Keith Olbermadmann or the notoriously biased New York or L.A. Times.

I am no fan of George W. Bush. He presided over some awful decisions (namely his neglect of our border problem, the growth of government under his Presidency and his failure to aggresively dispose of the ragtag jihadists in Afghanistan and Iraq by using our military might and weaponry with vigor). He also did a great deal of good for which history will remind him fondly for, in time (to name but a few: Convicing Libya to withdraw from nuclear arms pursuit, establishing an alliance with Pakistsan (HELLO: Muslim country with nuclear arms); tax cuts for ALL taxpaying Americans (and not just the rich ones that House Shrieker Nazi Mussolini suggests); the appointments of Justices Roberts and Alito to the Supreme Court).

I would bet that you are unaware that it was Bill Clinton who actually authorized an illegal war (in Kosovo, which was not authorized by Congress and resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians). You are probably not aware that the Congressional resolution to remove the regime of Saddam Hussein was originally authorized by Bill Clinton.

As for the Clintons' criminality, swallow these facts: RubyRidgeWacoRoseLawFirmWhitewaterMenaAirportTravelgateJuanitaBroderickKathleenWilleyGenniferFlowersCattlegateWebHubbellChinagateDonLassaterSusanThomassesVinceFosterSandyBurglartheholeinTheColeMonicaLewisnkyElyanGonzalesKosovoLosAlamosLabs... what part of scandal don't you understand? The best that you can come up with is that he isn't "perfect"? You are pathetic.

Back to BHO, since that was our point of origin. I do not have ill-will toward this man, personally. But as the leader of our Constitiutional Republic he has demonstrated a gross disrespect for the rule of law (as evidenced by {FACT} his appointments of Bill Richardson who is under criminal investigation and at least three tax-cheats. BHO has also demonstrated a gross disrespect for the sanctity of human life. A leader such as this should be feared. It was said by one of our Founding Fathers that "the price for liberty is eternal vigilence". You better start now or get used to rattling your chains.

A concluding thank you to Walt for understanding this undeniable truth.

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