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February 20, 2009


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It made me laugh!


W. Tieff

Hey! This is supposed to follow the excerpt from "A dog's diary", playing on the perceived disparity between a dog's intelligence and a cat's intelligence... hopefully you've seen the full version at some time... :)

Philip France

Funny stuff, but what about the tragedy in Connecticut? That woman is a lunatic but the animal is dead and her friend is left mutilated and traumatized. Are there not insane asuylums anymore? And why isn't Nancy Pelosi Exhibit A?


In a strange twist of fate, Socks (The Clinton administrations pet) the cat died the same day this article was published. Found not as a surprise, Sock's diary has gone missing. Secratary of State and former First Lady, Hillary Clinton had no comment on the missing diary.


The question is Walt, what did Socks know? And was his death due to natural causes? Someone should investigate this.

Philip France

Did Socks die in Marcy Park or was she in a mysterious plane crash? And were classified documents in Socks' socks?

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