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February 15, 2009


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Are you ready for the ACLU to jump on the case, after all if we judge him for an act that is okay in his religion are we not infringing on his civil liberty?

That is the first I have ever herd of Islamberg. Where is Janet Reno when we need her?


Janet Reno's storm troopers are only for white heterosexual Christian males.

Philip France


Your suggestion is more chilling than you may realize. This (sub-hu)man will probably be defended by the ACLU, who will argue a cultural defense citing that this is justifiable homicide in that it is an "honor killing". Some Marxist judge in a filthy black robe will then suspend whatever sentence is meted out.

I have heard of Islamberg(sic). A man named Paul Williams has launched a one-man crusade to expose this and other similar cells in the U.S. John Mohammed Allen and Lee Boyd Malvo of the infamous D.C.-area snipings are products of such sewage.

I appreciated your humor in invoking Janet "Sterno" and John's response is painfully accurate.


Fellas why cant we go after the ACLU with the federal RICO statutes? Anyone have any idea about this? I mean this organization clearly subverts the law which in turn harms Americans. I got this idea in a book by Michael Savage.

Philip France

Yes, Mike. Why don't we (go after the ACLU on RICO predicates)?

I do so sublimely by contributing to The Thomas More Law Center ( and another fine citizens' advocacy group known as The Aliance Defense Fund ( ADF are remarkable Christian lawyers that challenge (and win) the ACLU at nearly every turn. Their ministry is devoted primarily to freedom of worship cases but they are the vanguards of 1st Amendment Freedom.

In addition, let's get the word out there that citizens like you and I and other like-minded patriotic Americans are willing to pool our resources to hire a private investigator to tail the likes of the pock-marked ACLU-chief Anthony Romero. Let's see what little boys that he shows interest in. Let's videotape him entering and exiting NAMBLA meetings and bath houses.

While we're having so much fun, let's organize the Christians and Jews (and why not Moslems?) of the Greater Sacramento area and make s schedule in which we take turns appearing in front of the home of Michael Nudow (he of the "remove God from the Pledge of Allegiance and from our currency" infamy) and sing hymns of praise 24/7. Let's take our Country back!!!!!

We HAVE the numbers. I seldom trust polls, but the most objective ones that I have seen have some 36-37% of Americans espouse conservative values. 28% procalim to be liberal (and of these, I would estimate that only 1-2% are true believers; real psycopaths... but they sure are loud). That leaves the considerable decision point to those who are dispassionate and undecided. It is time for you and I to speak up.

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