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February 19, 2009


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Well said... Some of these facts about Obama I didn't know; most of them, I did, and I too have been told numerous times to "...give the guy a chance."

Your point that we too will get the government they deserve is a perfect distillation of situation we face. God help us.


Revolution calling? It's we the people right? This clown isnt even eligiable to be a Senator let alone the President of this great nation. So what are we going to do about it?

Philip France

Kudos to Selwyn Duke for another brilliant article. Selwyn, your gift of expression meets or exceeds you gift for logical thinking. This is meant as the utmost compliment.

I have two points that I would like to put forth:

1. How many "ducks" were actually ducks (as in "Daffy")? How many were dead ducks? How many were ducks that voted multiple times in multiple districts? BHO's background as community organizer not only fomented such voter fraud, but likely gave him valuable insight as to how to perpetrate it. How can we demand an investigation?

2. I read, with alacrity, former FBI agent Gary Aldrich's book "Unlimited Access" which was an indictment of the Clinton presidency and his blatant disregard for White House security (among many other things). In it, I learned of the scrutiny that is in order for one to work at the White House. Well, guess what? Based on these criteria, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Robinson Obama; based on their associations with known terrorists and convicted felons could not pass the security screening to work at the White House as even a (prepare for your sissy gasp) janitor; let alone occupy the Oval Office. That's right: BHO could not even qualify to be his own bodyguard. Give him a chance? My arse. No chance is more like it.

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