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February 27, 2009


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Would you say this is a two minute warning?

Philip France

Many thanks to Selwyn for posting this priceless exchange. I sound this out to any liberal/progressive reading this: When has a liberal/progressive ever acknowledged that they (and the thoughts they champion and espouse) are wrong? Please cite me one instance?

Answer: never. A casual listen to this discussion ENDS the debate. Pronounce the benediction and let's grab a slice of cake and then go home.

One reading this would logically conclude that I am "a" Conservative. You make this determination simply by my opposition to Leftist/progressive ideology. You are incorrect. Please allow me to explain:

I detest labels. They over-simplify and cocoon thought and debate. You may describe my thoughts, values and lifestyle as "conservative" without the indefinite article "a" but please do not label me. Let me be more plain: I am conservative in my thoughts and actions but I am NOT "a" Conservative. In this is the inherent fact that I am open to debate and the desire that I wish to be proven wrong. If so, I will gleefully reject my prior understanding of circumstance to embrace a new enlightenment. I live for this (among other things, of course). Bring it on! I LOVE to learn new things, even if it means that tenets that I held so close to my bosom have been proven as falsehoods. Hallelujiah! Lawd Gawd Awmighty, I'm free at LAST (this is not meant to be as facetious as it appears in print).

Back to the original point: Those that have been either self-labelled or labelled by others as "Conservative" arrived there by the Baptism of fire of given fact. Undoubtedly, we all would like to share the Utopian vision of the Left but we realize that this can only occur in dreams and fantasy.

History is our harsh instructor and history has proven decidedly and unanimously AGAINST any ideal of Leftist/liberal/progressive ideology. I leave room that I might be wrong (thus distinguishing me from my Leftist/liberal/progressive opponents) but before I might concede my position, please show me SOMETHING/ANYTHING by way of fact or evidence whereby I might consider your opinion as anything more substantial than that: your opinion. I have one too; just like something else we share in common.

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