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February 23, 2009


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Philip France

Another brilliant op-ed by Selwyn Duke!

I would like to add that we have the government that we deserve. I blame this misfortune on America's desire to be entertained. Think of what we pay Hollywood's miscreants; men and women who would be absolute losers in most of life's other endeavors if not for their "gift" for pretending to be someone other than themselves. Why are we so willing to be deluded?

Think of what we pay athletes. This is truly obscene. The New York Knicks are paying guard Stephon Marbury some $23 MILLION dollars NOT to play. The reason? He is a cancer to their desire for teamwork. Tiger Woods makes hundreds of millions a year. An unknown cornerback with an unpronouncable name for the Oakland Raiders just signed a contract worth $45 million for three years. Nothing against these fine athletes (excepting the head-case Marbury)but this is absurd! In the broader scope of life, their accomplishments are utterly meaningless.

What about Oprah Winfrey? What about America's obsession with American I-Dull? Again, utterly meaningless, yet we throw fortunes their way. Singers, bands, live performances... while I appreciate music and its inestimable charms and relaxing and edifying properties, difficult times command this to be a frivilous expenditure. If one were faced with the 'difficult' decison of choosing one's daily bread over the latest single by Flava Flav, which would you choose?

Wake up, America. Grow up, America. Adults should not need to be entertained to this degree. We should instead serve and find the joy (and ourselves in the process)of serving a higher cause than our own amusement. At the heart of this delusion is our desire to never grow up. The Peter Pan Syndrome in which we endeavor to prolong our childhood.

Setting aside any religious/spiritual implications, would our lives not be richer if we served America the beautiful? The purple mountain's majesty; the amber waves of grain?

God shed His grace on thee. We need it.

T. Bruce

On what do you "blame...America's desire to be entertained?"


i would rather starve then to be robbed of my music, and no, not flava flav, thats not music...

A Chaplin

The Youtube video with debate coverage between Keyes and Obama is not there. I get this error message:
"This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated."
I wonder why the account was "terminated".
A perfect example of choosing the small man over the great one involved Keyes and a 2004 Illinois Senate race. Keyes was running against none other than Barack Obama (PBUH), and never was there a greater contrast between substance and style, depth and superficiality, real intellectualism and relative infantilism. Just watch the debates the two men had, such as this one here (they're posted on YouTube). Quite frankly, it's clear to any discerning observer that Obama isn't fit to be the parrot on Keyes' shoulder. Yet, Illinois chose the very, very small shadow, thereby setting the stage for the Obamanation we have today.

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