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March 26, 2009


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Philip France

That Fat Al has any credibility whatsoever lies <~ this word is inextricably associated with Fat Al, but it is not my intention in this case so please revert back to where I left off prior to the arrow) in the sad reality that Americans are so easily and willfully deluded. This man came within a pregnant chad or two of being our President!

He has made a career out of lying. Be it his bogus claims that he and his wife Tipper lived in a trailer home (despite their enormous privilege), that the blockbuster novel (and movie) "Love Story" was written about he and Tipper (is she a poodle? how did she get such a moniker?) that he invented the Internet and the whole anthropogenic global warming lie (notice that these eco-Marxists have been exposed and now refer to this as "climate change", i.e. "weather"). The dunces, sissies and homosexuals in the midstream media completely overlook the fact that his family came about their fortune in coal and petroleum and that, as Vice President, he oversaw the transfer of our strategic oil reserves to Occidental Petroleum, a firm in which his father once sat on the Board of Directors.

I move that we lobby Webster's to have Fat Al's picture pasted next to the words "liar" and "hypocrite" in the next publication of its esteemed dictionary. No further reading of the definition of these two words would be necessary.

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