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March 19, 2009


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Hey I like it. Megan McCain is an airhead.


I like it too. It's faster, the right length, and I like the sound of your voice, Mr. Duke. Offer both written and spoken. I'd like to be able to put longer commentaries on my I-pod.

steve kinney

audio commentary is great. I have always admired Selwyn's verbal commentary since I first heard him on Savage..

Philip France

I second sondra's motion. Both, please. I also agree with Selwyn that moronic public speech should be pilloried. I am endulging this by confronting people with"Obama/Biden" and "No on Prop 8" bumper stickers (conveniently, here in California they are frequently both present on the same vehicle, affording me economy of confrontation). I doubt that I will change many hearts or minds but I will surely give them pause the next time that these types consider vomiting out their childish opinions.


I like it too, but may I suggest that you make it so that it doesn't start playing as soon as someone opens the web page. Sometimes I access your web page at work and have to turn the sound down emmediately. And even worse, I have to scroll down to fine it.

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