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March 28, 2009


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Philip France

Another excellent piece. The feigned outrage at the AIG bonuses is a smoke screen intended to distract Americans from BHO's true agenda: dismantling capitalism.

BHO is merely a handsome actor stooge in a sinister attempt to usurp our Constitution and replace our capitalist economy. Everything BHO and his cadre does openly is a staged ruse to distract us from their sinister intentions.

The arc of downward degenration goes like this: we first become Peron's Argentina. We then become Chavez' Venezuela. After that, Castro's Cuba and then a molten mixture of Hitler's Germany-Stalin's Soviet Union-Mao's China.

Wake up, America!


This article also makes me think of the Zeitgeist movement that has been trying to gain momentum. Mr. Duke I would like to read your thoughts on this movement?

It comes from countless directions, be ever vigilant, these are dangerous time for freemen!


This excerpt from Bruce's article says a lot, and is worth reading until it is fully absorbed.-

"Fevered frenzy is not the unintended consequence of this sort of evil. Fevered frenzy is the deliberate result of the creation of enemies of the people."

While the rest of the country was being brought to a froth of a lynch mob against AIG for the bonuses they gave out, I observed the whole thing with a knot in my guts. Although it may have been a bad business decision for AIG to enter into the bonus contracts as they did, it was their right! As a matter of fact the right to enter into contract is an inalienable right, even though it was not "Among" those mentioned in the Constitution. Now that, that inalienable right has been discarded (along with others) the situational ethics of the Obama admin. are the rule of law...but no body knows what that rule of law is. This is one of the oldest plays in the playbook of how to destroy a civilization; pit the haves against the have not's, create unrest so that government control of "big" looks necessary (back door to fascism); eventually nationalize big business (communism).

This whole strategy was not made in 2007-2008. For decades the Fed and our government have falsified the free market by propping up failed companies (to compete with sound companies), adjusting interest rates, printing money and ignoring the fundamentals of lending (Freddie and Fannie). I liken the free market to Hercules...his only weakness is vice. However, we have drugged Hercules; he is on uppers, downers, steroids, antibiotics, Viagra, salt peter, meth, qualudes, laughing gas and carbon monoxide all at once. He needs rehab we all agree! One side wishes to rehab him with a strict diet of arsenic and strychnine, the other side...we can't get on the same page. Cold turkey will not kill him but it will be painful. As John Lennon might have said it, "Strange days indeed, most unusual Obama."

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