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March 26, 2009


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Mr Duke - your nominees for the various czars are spot on.

I am terrified by the fact that it has become acceptable to retroactively target a specific group of people with punitive taxation. Who was is that said, and I'm paraphrasing here, "...The power to tax is the power to destroy..." ?



Very nice satire Selwyn. I would recommend Jessie Jackson for Gluttony Czar however.

It is very important for Americans to realize how un-American Czars are, not just because it is a Russian word. A Czar is an unelected unconfirmed appointed by the President that answers to no one but with immense power. Such a post is incompatible with our Constitutional Republic which was designed to protect our people and their freedoms from the government (the first of its kind). We got use to the word Czar when in combination with Drug Czar. That seems pretty noble because drugs are bad, but be very afraid of the word a road to absolute abuse!

Philip France

Great article, Selwyn. I heard you on Michael Savage tonight commenting on the upcoming violations of the First Amendment to our Constitution (surely I cannot be the only American that ponders why this is the one that was placed first?).

Continue to fight the good fight. Others such as me and most of your readers will agitate for Truth at the grassroots level. Let's take our country back from the statists and their useful idiot fellow-travellers.


I think this is a fine article and the nominated "Czar's" are spot on. What concerns me is if people will realize the sarcasim. The politicians certainly wont and that is even scarier!

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