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March 23, 2009


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Philip France


This fiction, right? Extreme sarcasm, right? That I am even asking this question, with all sincerity, is extremely troubling.


Phil, it's reader email. And it is sarcasm. The sender signed his name at the bottom.


Sarcasm-satire was the vehicle however, the point is, the future is what we make it. Human nature is predictable and I believe the next logical step in embryonic stem cell research is fetus donation/sale for research. Obama's legalization of experimentation on previously frozen human fetuses is yet another line in the sand of humanity not to be crossed...until the wind blows the sand and the line is erased. Another example of how man without God is only a smart animal. A worthy goal of a leftist.

Philip France


My intellectual and ideological twin, you are so right (thanks also to John for helping to stop my brain from spinning - I can be so gullible).

I have spent the last three months studying the incredible feat of nanotechnology that is the living cell. I have learned that cells are biological machines of incredible complexity and unspeakable efficiency. I have learned that cells perform functions in similar, yet more efficient fashion as a manufacturing plant in order to sustain life's greatest mystery: life itself. I marvel at its unpeakable and indescribable desgin (or illusion of design, if you are a secular humanist - and, if you are, the design inference is unmistakable).

The spectaclular accomplishments of nanotechnologly that I have come to greatly appreciaite exists in the simplest of life forms. I have therefore come away from my studies with an ever deeper and more profound appreciation for life; not only in its simplest forms (i.e. sponges and bacteria) but to its greatest accomplishments (i.e. the human race).

To God be the glory.

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