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March 04, 2009


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Great little talk Mr. Duke. I'm surprised more people haven't commented on it. I guess tradition isn't hip anymore.

Philip France

Au contraire, John.

Far be it from me to refrain from commentary!

Mr. Duke's commentary was brilliant and accurate. That he said so on Michael Savage's national radio show ensured that it was heard by millions.

Human sexuality is among the most beautiful gifts bestowed upon us by our Creator. In our inherent design is our instinct to procreate. That The Almighty saw it fit that we might take pleasure in this necessary exercise inherently implies that we hold such behavior as sacrosanct. That an act of such consequence and the implied results in the miracle of a live human birth is something that we, as a modern and educated society, should cherish and not trivialize.

The gift of life has yet to be explained sufficiently by science. We observe the many extraordinary factors minutely and we know of the evidence thereof but its origins continue to elude us. Yet we know that the simplest organisms struggle to reproduce and the most complex of organisms; human beings, tend to trivialize this unexplained miracle. All life has immesurable value. Human life has a clear distinction among all life as its highest form. It behooves us therefore to understand it, to value it and to cherish it.

Finally, I wish to express an important thanks to Selwyn Duke for promoting the message of radio superstar Michael Savage. Michael Savage is a Prophet. I say this with a Biblical understanding of what a Prophet is: One who is capable not only of FOREtelling, but one who is equally capable of FORTH-telling. Michael Savage does both. He has been engraced by The Almighty with this unique ability. He is the voice of our Nation. Listen to him for the sake of your own enightenment and education. Ignore him at your peril.


Thanks for some good debating points Mr. Duke, me and my wife really enjoyed listening! Keep up the good work.



I would not say Savage is a prophet. I would say he is a very astute student of history and human nature.

Ayn Rand was asked about her book, Atlas Shrugged: "Is Atlas Shrugged a prophetic novel-or a historical one? Her answer, “The purpose of this book is to prevent itself form becoming prophetic." She too was a brilliant mind...but an atheist...therefore not prophetic. The book is chillingly close to the state of the world today, only because she understood what happened in the past; and why. And human nature.

Neither Savage nor Rand bought into revisionist history.

I am John Galt


I second Philip's thoughts . . . and also John's. It was a great talk, containing pure truth. But not many people want to hear it today. Most people would accuse Duke of being 'repressed'. Oh well, I guess America will be having an orgy when the asteroid hits.

Philip France

While i hesitate to disagree with my friend Walt, whose postings and opinions I admire, I will posit the opinion that Ayn Rand took on the "Who farted?" approach to controversy.

Conversely, Michael Savage is the proverbial flame to which the moths are drawn. He took on CAIR (and the radical Islamofascist agenda); he takes on the radically dangerous homosexual mafia; he takes on the illegal immigration intifada; he stands up to the radical and mentally disordered San Francisco Mayor Any-Twosome Newsome and those insane city council members.

I argue vehemently that Michael Savage is indeed a Prophet(my explanation is quite plain in my previous post). He is a true Patriot for our way of life and our liberty. He is the voice of our Nation's return to reason and logic and, as a result, prosperity.

I am grateful to receive a university level eductaion in history, politics, civics and in life studies at the feet of the esteemed Dr. Savage. As part of this educational and philosophical curriculum, I both applaud and thank Selwyn Duke for his contributions to the inestimable experience of The Savage Nation.

Borders, language, culture. American sovreignity and patriotism is epitomized by this simple message.


Please do not get me wrong Philip; I believe Savage is a gifted and blessed man. You can call him a prophet if you please, but the implication of prophetdom on Savage implies, to some, that "faith in Savage" is required to dissect his tenants. To the contrary, all that is required to understand the accuracy of Savage's messages is objective reasoning skills.

Funny enough the first time I heard Selwyn Duke was on the Savage Nation a couple of years back. He was speaking on his essay "Stereotyping 101." I was so impressed with the argument Selwyn made in that article I became a regular reader.

Anyhew no disrespect was intended in my disagreement with the prophet label on Savage; just a perspective.

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