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March 02, 2009


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T. Bruce

Well said, Mr. Duke. Nice work.


T. Bruce,

Please note that this letter is not the work of Mr. Duke. We have published it as a letter to the editor from Mr. Walt Holton. However, I'm sure Mr. Holton will appreciate the compliment.

T. Bruce

Then: Well said, Mr. Holton. Nice work.

[And, Administrator, thanks for setting me and my comment straight. I see the attribution now. Do you know of anything else Mr. Holton has written?]


Is this the Walt that posts at this site a lot? Regardless, good job buddy.

T. Bruce

Thanks for the tip, John. I have not-so avidly lurked here for about a year, and haven't made all the "connections." I'll check out posts by "Walt."

All the best!

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