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March 09, 2009


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I have read Bruce Walker's book Sinisterism and recommend it. However, I do have one question. Are Bruce Walker and Ace Walker the same person? The article on this site, "Is Fascism really a product of the right?" (Ace Walker) covers some of the same territory as Siniserism.

Has anyone out there read Bruce's book "The Swastika against the Cross: The Nazi War on Christianity."

Philip France

"Infantile denial of the obvious has become a placebo for serious discourse."

Wow! This is perhaps the most profound statement that I have read in some time. This is the disease from which the majority of our nation suffers.

One only needs to look at the obscene salaries that are paid to entertainers and athletes to see that Americans are more willing to be deluded and placated than to be informed. Entertainers and athletes produce NOTHING of material value. I do not blame them, I blame US.

Now let this play out to other aspects of life. The cosmetics industry. The exercise phenomenon. Hair transplants and hair plugs (I am not a fan of Rush Limbaugh, per se, but his referral to VP Joe Biden as a "Chia Pet" is priceless). Breast augmentation. Botox. ED medication. All of these things (and countless more) are indicative of our society's "Infantile denial of the obvious".

Face it: As we age, our faces and bodies become less attractive. Why do we not adjust to and accept this reality rather than try to shoe-horn measures to try to circumvent the inevitable? Why not accept and embrace reality? Why do we not accept simple reality with dignity?

My friends, take an inventory of your life and attitudes and see if you proscribe to "infantile denial of the obvious".

Andrew, Portland, OR

This was an enjoyable read, and I agree that most people know a little about everything and almost nothing about something today. Entertaining speech is valued higher than meaningful words. Being “hip” and “clever” is more important than being factual or truthful.

I find people think you're a conspiracy theorist or “out of touch” for knowing history unless it validates their ideology then you're really "interesting". I'm 30 and I sometimes feel alone because there are less people my age who really know anything in depth about history, geography, or economics. I’m hardly a genius, but I make time to read (not just “Sports Illustrated” or “Maxium”) and I spend time thinking about what I’ve read.

You may have read the book by Dr. Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death. The book discusses the major phases of communication and the affect they had on the period. Communication started with memorization, i.e. oral history, and moved to basic writings which sealed what a man said if captured. The printing press later distributed knowledge to the “masses” and the telegraph made people aware of the world outside of their county, state, territory, or country. The invention of the photograph allowed men to capture a “snap shot” of an event that could be powerful, yet deceptive. Finally, the television provided a stimulating messaging system that made messages shorter and generally more entertaining to encourage consumption. I wish Dr. Postman had lived long enough to discuss the internet and ipods. It is an interesting read that explains a lot about history and man’s knowledge of the impact of words.

I enjoy having a beer, watching a game, or playing a video game for an hour or two, but I tire of it after awhile, and some of my friends do not.

I read an article about children who play video games, and they may make good workers because they can handle many simultaneous messages and process them effectively. What the article described is the equivalent of a router, which while smart, are programmed and placed in a larger system by others. The article did discuss who would study and plan the system they lived in. I worry about the future because there are not as many thoughtful people being raise who can handle country like the US and its infrastructure.

Dr. Postman made an interesting observation in his book. He basically said that an American during Revolution read heavy literature like the actual “US Constitution” and discussed it. Political debates during Lincoln’s time lasted for a day and not for five minutes. I don’t know if I would enjoy a day of politics, but I would enjoy an hour or two of thoughtful debate that spoke to objectives for the country.

Philip France

Dear Andrew from Portland;

I appreciate your intelligent postulations and your sincere inquiries. I also appreciate your exposition of Dr. Postman's book. I will have to read it, it sounds so very interesting.

My advice to you as an elder is to avoid TV news and forego video games. Video games are a design of deceit to delude us from reality and impose upon us a fantasy existence. TV is worse. Television assaults us with both visual images but also with auditory sensastions. The end effect is that you are assualted with two of your sensual faculties. There is very little of virtue to be obtained via the television. The entities that make this media available to you are arguably the most pernicious pornographers on the planet. The entire medium is a trap for deception and delusion.

Kill your television. By all means, keep it away from your children except for material that you have examined and determined to be appropriate. Instead, continue to read books such as those that you have mentioned and publications by trusted sources. Guard your mind. My recommendations are few, but here they are: The Washingtom Times, Human Events, Whistleblower magazine. There are others, but these have my trust and endorsement.

The best thing you can do is to tune in to Michael Savage's radio program (of which Selwyn Duke is a frequent contributor). Listen to The Voice of America speaking to true Americans. Even his callers elevate the extremely high intellectual level of his show. His guest commentators such as Jeffrey Kuhner, KT McFarland and Star Parker (and more, not to mention our dear Selwyn Duke) make his show the most informative and intellectually factual and honest source of information extant on this earth.

I wish you Godspeed, young man. You happen to represent the bridge between my generation and that of my children. I have the utmost respect for your posting and your intellectual and articulate inquiry. May God bless you and keep your heart as pure as it appears to me by your posting. May He inspire you to pass this great gift of your intellectual curiosity to your offspring and to future generations.

W. Tieff

Hey Andrew. I'm 32, and sometimes I too have felt alone because of the awareness and knowledge that most others care little for and invest even less.. But it is a deceptive and narcissistic self-consciousness that can be tempered, Godwilling, with age and wisdom.

We are not alone.

Hope this helps.

Andrew, Portland, OR

Hi Philip,

Thank you for the advice and the blessing. I do not own a TV and I generally will rent TV shows that I like or watch them on-line. I do listen to Michael Savage and Glenn Beck when I can. I don't own a video game system, but I'll play them once in a while when I get together with certain friends. I don't know how pure I am, but I attempt to analyze what comes at me and learn from my mistakes.


Andrew, Portland, OR

Hi W. Tieff,

Thanks for your empathy. I don't think I'm 100% alone, but I get the feeling that their a less people in our generation who really read, analyze, and discuss issues indepth today compared to the passed. I believe our technology, which is blessing, is also a curse. People get a lot of tidbits on topics, but don't explore anything further and it seems they don't want to. It's good to know there is another thoughtful person out there :).

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