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April 26, 2009


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yeah you will delete this comment i know

what part of survival you can't spell?,... i mean really, are you that crazy to deny Global Warming?... i digress, i should have used imoral.


I love it Bill Maher and his team of experts. Dana Gould (comedian), a Vanity Fair employee and Howard Arrraaahhhhgghhaaa Dean. Was a cast of idiots. Global warming is a lie; one world government is the plan.

Philip France

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. - Romans 1:22.

Could this statement be any more apt? Any more relevant?

Ask yourself a question: Is it better to trust the judgement of an ancient text that is the bestselling book of all time (and continues to be so anually) or a so-called comedian that is utterly irrelevant and has not been funny in decades, if ever?

Bill Maher is a despicable cretin. Who has dibs on stomping on his fingers as he clings to prevent being thrown into the lake of fire?


And he thinks it is warm now?!?!?! He has no idea how warm it's gonna be where he's headed. Bill Maher is such a pathetic little man.. Seriously he needs to get on his knees and thank God that people make the mistake of calling him a human being. What a douche bag!!!


What part of "manipulation" can't YOU spell? Nobody is denying that the average temperature of the planet has risen a fraction, that isn't the problem. The problem is the part of the population that believes MAN is responsible for it and can in any way, shape, or form, have any effect on changing it. What arrogance! It is the single most unscientific conclusion I've ever heard of. There are way too many variables in the equation of what effects climate to ever prove conclusively that man can change it one iota. But facts don't matter, only what you can get people to believe. It will be used as a money making scheme (cap and trade) and as a way to control people and businesses.


It is sun spots. All else is mental flatulation.

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