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April 26, 2009


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John Q. Public

When "ugly" people are pushed out of society into the primeval darkness, they reach out in their blindness for large rocks and old deep rooted trees that have a firm hold on the earth. Here they cling in a living nightmare. This is a video of such people, who are in such pain and who are suffering greatly for being unloved and unwanted by their own kind. They turn to trees that can't reject them and tell these trees that they love them and will never forsake them. It is all these poor souls have left to believe in.

yeah you will delete this comment i know

no john, you are the poor soul... take off your sunglasses... or let the sun melt them for you.

Philip France

This brings to mind the doctrine as declared to us in the Epistle of Paul to the Romans in Chapter One, wherein it is declared (in English) that those who espouse such positions "changed the truth of God into a lie and worshipped and served the creature (creation) more than the Creator,".

The way that that this verse is worded should give us all pause: It is abundantly clear that one cannot change truth. Should the Kalid Sheik Obama admenstruation come out tomorrow and declre that the cloudless sky that we see is not not blue but green will not change the truth that it is blue.

By the same token, the Truth of God cannot be changed. From the Greek traslation, the word "changed" (in Romans 1:25) is transliterated from the term "metaballo" and should have been translated "EXchanged". That's right... traded. That is what these pitiful children have done. They have "exchanged" the Truth of God for "The Lie".

These pitiful children need our help. They need the truth. We conservative thinkers must extend beyond preaching to our own choirs and confront these misguided children with The Truth.

This requires courage and fortitude. These misguided children are passionate in defending The Lie. They fear the truth because they have (inadvertently) held it in contempt for so long. In many cases, their entire lives.

The Lord Jesus Christ will return one day in power and in glory. We will all be judged and we will all stand before the throne of The Almighty. How many medals will be pinned to YOUR chest on that glorious morning? His Truth is marching on.


Now that is funny!

Don't they know that Treebeard and all of the Imps died in the battle for Isengard.

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