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June 09, 2009


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That is one of my favorite clips. I always laughed at the mind numbed part, but the voodoo priest part is a bit prophetic.

Ray Hicks

That really was a knee slapper gol-dern-it! But Selwyn, how can you long for a time you've never even come close to living through...Voodoo?



Ray, I checked out your link. What do you have against Duke? Why do you call him a con man? He seems very straightforward and honest to me. He just tells it like he sees it. Why don't you just admit that you're a liberal who doesn't like his beliefs?


"Mr. Duke,
I'm not in the habit of sending fan mail. Nor am I given to hyperbole. But your articles are amazingly spot-on."

-Ray Hicks, Sept. 29, 2007, from the article "Welcome to the New"

A different Ray Hicks? Or has somebody just taken one queer studies class too many at the local community college since then?

Ray Hicks

Nobody with a name like “Xander” should suggest that anyone else is a faggot. Most of the Xanders in the world can carry around a bowling ball, no hands. But of course, you are probably that other “Xander.” Not the one that won first place in last years’ the Leather Man Contest and has the blog “Mr. Ass Cheeks of the Castro.”

Or are ya…Xander?


Ray Hicks


You are correct. Anyone whose mother hasn’t been traumatized by being forced to watch a beauty contest in England and uses the phrase “spot-on,” clearly majored in gay, lesbian and transgender studies at San Francisco State. But, then again, anyone with a name like “Xander” shouldn’t try to use sexual orientation as trump card. “Xander” sounds like the name of the guy who organized last year’s Gay Pride Parade. But then, who am I to judge?


Ray Hicks

Thanks for checking out my blog. I think you are the only one. But, I'd rather admit to being smelly Osama's gay lover than to say I was a liberal. It's just that even though I'm a fan of his, every time Duke opens his mouth, I become suspicious.


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