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June 16, 2009


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Philip France

Bruce Walker is right on.

The Marxist left has their "man" in charge. They have the Marxist Democrat Party to play ball (a note to registered Democrats: I do not cast you under this umbrella and the lady that I adore is a registered Democrat whose family has a long tradition in our local Democratic Party - it is LEADERS in the Democratic Party who have moved from the Socialist ideology of Franklin D. Roosevelt and LBJ to the outright Marxism of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez - and, just to be fair, too many Republican leaders have become the Socialists that they once excoriated the Democrats of being).

Back to my point: We have a Marxist President. We have a Marxist party in a Congressional Majority. Nearly 50% of our Supreme Court is Marxist and we have a Marxist press that is failing BECAUSE of its Marxism.

Marxist ideololgy is responsible for the deaths of over 100 MILLION innocent people in the last 100 years. Read that again. It is the only way that this devilish and despotic philosophy can rise to and/or maintain power. Try to visualize the tsunami of corpses and skeletons that 100 MILLION (dead) innocents would look like.

My friends, it is here. On our shores and in our Oval Office.

Ray Hicks about breaking that 100 million tsunami of corpses down for me? You know like 98 million in Cuba between 1960 and 61. I'm not completely decided on this Marxism thing and that may help. I need to figure this thing out and make up my mind if I should join the C.P. or go to B.S. (Bible Study.) Thanks, I know you'll help. And, by the way, I'm really glad to hear that there is a woman you adore. Good for you!

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