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June 25, 2009


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Ray Hicks

Selwyn…Let’s make sure I got this straight:

If you backhand a guy on his right cheek with your left hand-thumb down, that’s okay? But, if you punch him in the mouth…Oh-Oh…Yellow Card: It costs you 475 zuz and three box tops from your breakfast cereal of choice. But, if you bitch-slap him on his left cheek with your right hand and he’s a Roman solider below the rank of Centurion; that’s 250 zuz, a night in jail and forfeiture of three sheep to the state. But, a snap kick to the groin is fair, as long as it’s a Wednesday in an even numbered year. Otherwise in all circumstances, you have to bend over and take ten whacks on the keester with a wooden cooking spoon and miss a turn before you can go to heaven.

Simple…Got it! There…that was easy, right.


Philip France

Brother Ray,

May I be the first to proclaim that your hayseed humor is tiresome? You said that you were going to resign. I am counting the beats.

I would like to comment on this interestin exchange between our beloved Selwyn Duke and one of his subscribers. It is late, I am tired and I will wait until I am more mentally prepared to comment. Might I suggest that you try this novel idea?





You made sense out of an apparent contradiction that has confused me in the past. Thanks for resolving this with clarity and insight.



Thank you Selwyn for posting the reader response, I had not heard that conclusion on that bit of scripture. Cultural perspective is so important in fully understanding the Bible and its intended message. I amost hate to quote the godless Ayn Rand here but it seems fitting.

"Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong." Ayn Rand

The Truth does exist but you must seek it out.



Starting a blog page is easy and you can retain your privacy if you wish. I use Blogspot. My blog doesen't get read too much but it is a kind of tension release. If somethiong is bothering me I get it on paper (or in the computer) and get it out of my head so I can move on to new things...I am almost obsessive compulsive in that regard. I also post letters to congressmen and such from freinds (as I see fit...I have the POWER). If you choose to start a blog page and post your Paul paper I would love to read it.



Sorry posted on the wrong thread

Ray Hicks

-----------------------“Smooches!” – “Smooches?” ----------------------------

Phillip…Stop with the homoerotic stuff! If I was interested in that, I’d go to church. But No…I come here and don’t want you to start intellectually fondling me. (I’m not being judgmental about that mind you.) But, from your syntax I think that maybe you come from another century (or planet actually) and don’t grasp some subtleties that you would otherwise get. So, I’ve got to tell you straight out. Keep you hands, so to speak, to yourself. You’re correct, I was thinking of pulling out of this site (no pun intended.) But, in all candor… “I just can’t quit you.”

Your Understanding Brother...Ray

Ray Hicks

Okay...It's Friday night. I'm all alone and looking out over the Bay. Hoping that soon, we can "opine" together on some deep topic or other.


Philip France

My dear friend Walt,

I thank you for your advice, but I have avoided the "blogosphere" because of time. I just don't have it and I know that I am one to want to declare my opions and share the knowledge that I have acquired.

The fact remains that I am single father, and sole responsible parent to a teenage girl (whom I am so very proud of and who is the delight of my life). My son is grown up and out of the house, but he is younger than 21 and still requires my support and guidance. Add to this that I enjoy a lovely romantic relationship with a beauiful lady that I adore. Bottom line: I do not wish to get sucked into blogging. I know myself and I will indulge the need to express myself to excess.

I did visit your blog. My compliments. It is nicely laid out. The tone, texture and fonts are very appealing to the eye. It is very well-constructed. Do you have a means whereby I might upload my study of the Apostle Paul to you? I did not see a manner in which I might do so.

I do not wish to boast and at the risk of appearing arrogant, this is a very thorough and well-researched study that I am very pleased with and have received accolades and compliments from Biblical Scholars that I admire. This should be public information and available for discussion and/or debate.

If nothing else, you and you alone have my publicly stated permission for Selwyn to provide you with my personal email address. I would dearly love to correspond to you directly on a host of issues and I look forward to our eternal friendship.

May our Almighty Heavenly Father bless you and yours with abundance.

Your eternal friend,


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