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July 13, 2009


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Yep you are right on Selwyn. I wish our Joint Chiefs felt as strongly about our republic as the Hondurans do about theirs. If they did they would demand, Barry show his birth certificate, make his Occidental College records public, and demand the answer to the question, by which passport did you travel to Pakistan, in 1981. In absence of this proof of "natural born" citizenship the Joint chiefs, who are sworn to protect and uphold the Constitution, should hand cuff him and put him on a plane to Kenya or the UK or wherever his actual citizenship is active. Congress and the Senate obviously through their super majority have a conflict of interest, however un-American as it is. They seek the best interest of their party over the best interest of the Nation; which is treason in itself but who's counting.

Philip France

When will America wake up to the lies that it is being force-fed by the demonic left?

I would have a great deal more respect for leftist politics if they would simply say who they are and explain the logic of their beliefes. This will never happen because it is impossible.

That the Kenyan interloper that occupies our White House (not to mention the career criminal that is our Secretray of State) would take sides with a tyrannical despot and do so in harmony with famed lovers of "liberty" Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez is a message that screams louder than our National Anthem at the opening of a NASCAR race.

Are you deaf to this alarm?

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