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July 22, 2009


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Perhaps these parents are trying to reverse engineer a Pop music super star.

If their goal is to have their child end up with the artistic and creative talents of Mike Jackson, perhaps they see the end product that he was (a confused gender neutral being) and are working backwards from there. Having a vision and working backwards to accomplish a goal is a common method of achievement.

On another note- I grew up on a farm. We had all kinds of animals, however one year a strange thing happened. A hatch of ducks started to hang out with the sheep. They ate with them, slept with them, and hung out with them; the darn ducks thought they were sheep. But as much as their perception guided them, when they opened their beak to Baaaa, they quacked. Their self impression, was a lie, they were as the world saw them...ducks.

Philip France

It's too bad that the delusional parents of Pop never learned of the tragic story of David Reimer, the boy who was raised as a girl

It is also too bad that this story has been buried by the social engineers because it discredits their construct.



Alas, that is a very tragic story and I appreciate you bringing that to my attention. We never understand what God's plan is in the scheme of life but hopefully this story prevents further cases of abuse regarding gender engineering.


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