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July 07, 2009


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Philip France

In an effort to supplement this excellent article by Selwyn Duke, I offer the following:

The enemy of mankind is the enemy of its Creator and its God. It follows logically that those that espouse the morals, values and ethics and prescribed and proscribed by God are high on the enemy's "hit list".

Make no mistake: the Left is evil. Simply view its historical track record and attempt to imagine the whiff of the hundreds of millions of corpses the Left has consumed in this last century alone.

To further simplify, we are observing and commenting on a battle between good and evil. Between God and Satan. In our temporal and earthly understanding, Satan has every advantage: deceit, illusion/delusion (he was the angel of light, after all) and outright lies. The righteous are compelled to not only understand the will of God, but to abide by it while we are tormented second-by-second to betray our Creator by simply being his fallen creation, under constant assault by our God's enemy.

Frankly, I hope that Mark Sanford withstands the hypocrisy of his criticism. I believe that he should persist in his political ambitions (assuming that he continues to demonstrate his contrition for his sin against God and his family). Who better can experientially opine about how sins of lust injure our loved ones? Who better understands the need for forgiveness than the one who has been publicly shamed?

{an aside to political novices: While I abhor labels such as Democrat/Republican and Liberal/Conservative, an easy way to tell the difference is that Republicans/Conservatives demonstrate shame when they are exposed in scandals. Liberals/Democrats do not, as evidentially illustrated in Selwyn's article).

A victory of the Left is a victory for Satan. Read that again.

Read it yet again, it is veritas.

The ultimate victory has not only been predicted, it has been recorded. We win!

What I and those that agree with me attempt to attain is to minimize the suffering of innocents in this, our temporal existence and to offer the hope of an eternity where our Lord WILL reign victoriously and every promise from our God shall have been fulfilled.

I have no doubts of this inevibility and I invite every one of my fellow man to inquire as to how and why I am so persuaded and so convinced.

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