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July 04, 2009


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Ray Hicks


What you say does not to diminish Jackson’s worth as a creative artist. He created new musical forms and even established new categories of race and gender.

But, if you are dumb enough to worship a celebrity…Especially one like Jacko there, you ought to go to Hell (if there was such a place) just for being stupid.

If you’re dumb enough to sit on a jury and find a celebrity…Especially one like Jacko there…Not Guilty, you should go with him (or, as in Jackson’s case, her or it.)

Unfortunately, there is no shortage drooling, nose-picking, imbeciles running around playing with their feces and a good many of them vote.

If, Jackson had run for governor of California before he died, he probably would have won…Ronald “Yes, General I am awake, please continue with the briefing” Reagan did.

Star Struck…Ray


Ray, Your little jab toward President Reagan is not at all appreciated (I am sure that was your intent). However, just in case your mind is small, rather than evil, I will point out a couple of things for your benefit.

Reagan was elected President IN SPITE of him being an actor, not because. Reagan was a "B" list actor with a small list of credits to his of which was sharing his spotlight with a chimp. People of your ilk find it laughable that "The Gipper" and future President would tuck Bonzo into bed; I find it a sign of a man’s self confidence and humility.

The President's real leadership skills were not discovered in the public sector but amongst his peers in the actors union; there he made his mark as a king amongst men...not for his acting skills but because of his wisdom and grace. From serving his peers he then moved on to serve California and then eventually as the President. Yes, he was a great orator, but he did not use his gift as an actor would, to simply stir a response form a crowd. No, He used his gift to show the world his passion for Freedom, his love for Liberty and his resolute stand to defend them with strength.

It is a shame America was not blessed with this man at its helm a few terms earlier, before his health and energy declined. But even in his infirmity he prevailed, for those he chose to advise him respected and honored him, they shared the vision of America as did Reagan, as did our founders.

I thank you Mr. Hicks, for in your rancid attempt at humor you have given me the opportunity on this day, the fourth of July, to honor President Ronald Reagan, America's last President and one of her greatest. And may the memory of this man stir within us that passion for freedom; that love for the ideal that is America, that faith that if we never forget why so many have died for this nation, we will not fall. I honor you President Reagan, a great American hero.

Ray Hicks


I’m so…disappointed? I live to be appreciated by you. I suppose, I’d prefer your definition of “evil” rather than “small.” Small suggests a narrowness of vision, a rigidity of thought, a reluctance to accept change, belief without reason and…okay…the tragedy of micro-penis found widely in certain areas of rural America. (They say it’s global warming or estrogen in the water or something like that.)

But, at least we both agree that Reagan was, among other things certainly…a crummy actor!


Hey…I read your blog. We agree on guns too, right.


I am very impressed with the article regarding Michael jackson,

You explanation regarding the "everyone" involved was very thorough. You are very well read and your thought process did not skip a beat.

I fully agree in what you had to say in your article, you did not bring Michael Jackson down you just told it as it is.

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