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July 24, 2009


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We are just getting started down this path. If the "tax eaters" that fawn over Obama's new health care reform knew the plans he had for them they would not be quite as pumped up over it. One of the big pieces of this bill is to remove pre-existing conditions from the coverage exclusions. His plan is that everyone will be covered equally (paid for by the producers). However, in order to control costs they must consider the cost of vice. My hunch is that once they have destroyed the private insurance industry and rendered the medical profession to little more than battle field medics, they will then, because they must, address the cost of vice. The burden of vice is huge!

The private insurance companies account for the added risk of vice by prescreening smokers, drinkers, and fat folks. As it stands today people pay extra to be insured if they have a vice. However, in a “coverage to all” plan, how will BHO control self inflicted medical conditions? Prohibition II? Caloric controls? Outlawing tobacco (probably not since that would hurt Cuba)? The point is you can't ignore the fact that self induced health problems in this nation accounts for billions and billions of dollars each year.

In a smaller communal socialistic environment, if a "tax eater" is eating more than his or her fair share of the communal budget, a resentment builds and eventually is acted upon. This results in the killing of the ill, killing of retarded children and the elderly; such a dynamic is not new to the world but it is a solution that can keep a commune solvent but not moral. This dynamic is not only common in communal socialism but also the animal kingdom; as Darwin would call it “survival of the fittest.” If mankind is merely an animal this is the most an efficient method of social order. The power being close to the people is always the most efficient.

However, National Socialism (which is where we are headed) is a bit different. When all of the money that is stolen from the people, is taken far away, and put into a giant hopper full of money to be doled out as the government elite see fit; well then the direct angst against a “super eater” may not be direct. A “super eater” might well go un-noticed by the masses because there is no direct connection between production and consumption. This may appear as more, moral of a society, but morality is not the reason for the lack of action similar to a commune. The reason confusion, ignorance and assumed dilution of the problem (What I mean by dilution is when 300 million people are in the same pot, one might think- “I know there is a meth addict on my street, but what is one in 300 million…no biggie.”). The problem is accountability! Socialism, both National and Communal requires accountability; without it you will have eaters and no producers. Accountability comes two ways- 1) Personal accountability. 2) Enforced accountability.

Personal accountability is extremely rare. To be accurate the term “personal accountability” it probably is not the best description. People that hold themselves accountable, most commonly do so because they have a belief in a higher power which they believe will hold them accountable and punish them if they are bad and reward them if they are good; perhaps in the next life. Personal accountability really should be called deistic accountability, but since it is a voluntary contract between a man and the unseen, I call it personal accountability.

Enforced accountability is imposed upon the people by others through laws. The less personally accountable a person or society is the more enforced accountability is required. If a National socialistic government failed to enforce standards of accountability, society and the national treasury would collapse; it would be all eaters and no producers. As a counter measure to this effect, a government must mandate production expectations, and/or limit the “eaters” consumption. In terms of socialized medicine, in order to cut costs you must force doctors to work more, hire more doctors and limit coverage. Each of these dynamics will increase as the producers are gradually bled dry. Once the producers are bled, and the eaters have eaten all of the producer’s fat and are well into their muscle then the government must either outlaw health damaging vices to cut costs or become imperialistic. The USSR used imperialism to refill their coffers; China cut the food and vice to their eaters.

All of the above examples are direct infringements on liberty but are all needed in a socialist setting. That is the America Barrack Obama sees for you. Some food for all but freedom for none. If you think it is your right to drink what you want, eat what you want smoke what you want, and do what you want (certain recreations result in more injury) guess again; you will do as the father says; for the good of the people. Tyranny.

To the European socialist apologists- You might say look at Sweden and France they are socialist, the people stay fed and they have ok medicine, why not America? The answer is- they gave up the fight. Any one of the European Socialist nations would fall to Ooday and Kusei Hussein and a half a dozen tanks. They do not need nor can they afford to defend themselves. They are living off of a peace dividend that we fund; and they still eat off of their muscle of their few remaining producers. Their only hope is birth control. They must shrink to survive. Their existence fragile; if we back off on our military, France will fall again.

The philosophy is simple in every example, micro and macro, socialism has failed; it is just not sustainable. People must have a personal accountability, and be rewarded for their accountability, thrift, and productivity. Effort+reward=productivity…that is capitalism. Ok I’m done.

Philip France

This devolution of tyranny is happening faster than one might think. The loudest warning shots have already been fired in the Waco injustice, the murder of Teri Schiavo and in the FLDS raid.

We are losing our liberty to fascists who call themselves "liberals". They wish to impose their failed ideologies by force. They act in stealth because if their intentions are known, no rational person would subscribe to them.

Obammie the Commie is our prime example: an overgrown child with the power to impose his infantile fantasies of "fairness" on us, by force if necessary.

Ray Hicks

Holy Cow!

"If we really are serious about increasing the pay of low-wage workers, there is something simple we can do to increase their value: eliminate the immigration invasion — in particular, the illegal variety. This would shrink the pool of such workers, thus making them rarer commodities. It's supply and demand. - SELWYN DUKE

Finally...Duke has said something that I can agree with. It's hard to imagine though...a construction site with all American workers. You guys pull that one off and I'll jump ship and join up on your side.


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