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July 24, 2009


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Philip France

What is it with the Kenyan's appointees? Criminals such as Tim Geithner and Tom Daschle. A radical lesbian as DHS Secretary (Napolitano). A death-cultist ghoul as HHS Secretary (Sebelius) Health and Human Services, for Christ's sake! A committed abortionist? How backward can it get? A racial bigot moron whose landmark case was overturned DURING her confirmation hearing (Sotomayor).

It is no wonder that our Constitution prohibits (or is supposed to, anyway) a foreigner to run for our Presidency and hold its office.

The Kenyan interloper is appointing nothing but enemies of our Republic to key positions. Is anyone else troubled by the frequent usage of the word "Czar"?

And what is with Harvard University? Wasn't it once committed to Biblical education? I grew up believing that Harvard University provided a world-class education. By all evidence, Harvard now provides an exorcism of rational thought and replaces it with a hatred of logic, reason and morality.

We are experiencing Animal Farm, 1984 and The Lord of the Flies before our very eyes.

Wake up America!

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