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July 28, 2009


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Philip France


This was brilliant satire! My compliments.

We need further exposure of the Rahmulan's brother, Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel, an absolute vampire and this Holdren character.

These sadists hate humantity!

I am telling anyone listening. Presumptive President Barack Hussein Sotoero is the enemy of humanity. He and his agenda MUST be stopped. House Shrieker Nazi Lugosi must be removed. The woman is a certifiable lunatic psychopath.

Wake up, America and take back our Constitutional Republic while it still is one!


Thanks Philip I had fun writing it. You know the funny thing is most people do not even know who Rahm Emanuel is. They could not pick the Devil out of a line up if he breathed fire right on them. Our voting populous for the most part is clueless and that’s why the word "change" went as far as it did in the last election. Our fore fathers saw the potential for such ignorance spawned by decadence and made allowances in the Constitution to prevent our nation from being ruled as a pure democracy/mobocracy/idiocracy. The 17th amendment to the Constitution was a direct assault on the protection of our government that our founders built in to it. However, a large percentage of those who voted for Obama are quite advanced. So advanced in fact they have evolved to the point that a full vocabulary in not needed to express themselves. Through voice deflection and the use of one word they can express disgust, pleasure, anger, bewilderment sorrow, and so much more. The word they use is..."Dude" That is who got this alien into the Whitehouse, who hired Rahm Emanuel, who pushes this Anti-American agenda, who swallowed a fly...I guess they'll die.

Philip France

My dear friend Walt,

In your reply to me you made another profound statement:

"They could not pick the Devil out of a line up if he breathed fire right on them."

This statement hearkens me back to the early 1970's where two movies competed for the Academy Award (I do not know which won and I care less which did).

The first of these movies was "The Exorcist" which reminded and admonished America that there was a devil and that this devil was evil.

However, it was the other movie that more accurately portrayed the devil, albeit accidentally.

In "The Exorcist" the devil was portrayed as blatantly and obviously evil. He was grotesque and abhorrant.

In its rival movie, two slick and handsome men mastered the "art" of the con. They cornered the market on deception to the degree that they conned even the best of the con-men. That movie was "The Sting".

My compliments once again on your brilliant satire and for making it to Selwyn's front page.

Your eternal friend,

Philip France

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