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July 29, 2009


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Rick Newton

Selwyn, I have always enjoyed and generally agreed wholeheartedly with your commentaries. On this one, however, I appreciate your points in why you are defending Senator Ma'am, but I beg to differ. As much as I am offended by any organization that defines and names itself by the race of it's members, I do not subscribe to the notion that they only have interests in racial issues. To provide input to this committee on the (ridiculous) notion of 'green jobs' has nothing to do with the racial composition of the group - it's simply their opinion on behalf of a group of businesses. What the entire debacle demonstrates, however, is that the Democratic Party is hardly the party of civil rights - and certainly not one of empathy for blacks - but then again, we all knew that already.

Miles Grant

The week after Alford testified, Trenton Mayor Douglas Palmer testified before the same committee. Unprompted, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) suggested Mayor Palmer read the NBCC report. Palmer happens to be black. Was that an outrage, too?


Duke: ..."it wouldn’t be just to accuse her of bigotry simply because she inferred my passions from my associations and built her argument around them."

Okay then, she's a profiler! ;-)

Philip France

I am still trying to understand Selwyn's point in defending the mental midget that is my own US Senator Boxer.

Is he implying that by making a factually accurate quote from the NAACP she accidentally and innocently offended and insulted a prominent man whose skin happens to be dark?

If so, Mr. Duke is being far too generous and may be as duplicitous as the sissies in Great Britain who banned Michael Savage to "balance" their indictment of an undesirabke list that slanted too heavily toward Islamofascists.

If not, please explain further what the hell you did mean.

Senator Barbara Boxer is as Selwyn described: the worst of the worst. She is, as I said before, a mental midget. Dr. Michael Savage accurately says of her (I am paraphrasing) were it not for her Senatorial position, she is incapable of running a brassiere department in a clothing store.

I have heard the interchange between Mr. Alford and Senator Boxer. While I do not buy into the verbatim facts that she was race-baiting, I believe that she surely was.

LI Mike

I don't think the point in the article was defending Barbara Boxer as much as defending the truth. The Black Chamber of Commerce defines itself and uniquely draws power and representation racially. Harry Alford in a sense 'went Gates' in his response.

Among several other excellent points, it's well taken that conservatism naturally draws vastly greater power from its commitment to truth and intellectual honesty rather than to pragmatism.


Well said LT Mike. Although I can't say that I approve of anyone "going Gates" on anyone else, it was kind of funny to see the tables turned. I do not think Harry Alford had intentions of creating a race divide in this matter but I do think he was giving notice to Boxer and the democrats that they do not own the blacks. The democrats still treat the black people as if they own them because they owe them for giving them free stuff. Black, brown, yellow, red and white folks can think for themselves and do not need Boxer, the NAACP, BCC the DNC or any other special interest group to speak for them as a whole. If they do, that blind, unthinking unity will cause race tension; but that is the plan of the leftist-division. When people vote for a president based upon the color of his skin rather than the content of his character we have a problem. There is no room in any intelligent conversation for race differentiation. I wonder what the white chamber of commerce had to say about this exchange.

Philip France

The Congressional Caucasian Caucus appears to be mum as well. How ironic.

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