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August 04, 2009


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Philip France

I wish to applaud Selwyn Duke for his lecture to Third World people looking to emulate the Western world. His admonishments are prudent and presented with sound logic. As for the rest of the piece, I have yet to read Selwyn so fatalistic. He is a more intelligent man than I and this momentarily gives me pause.

Europe is decaying for a number of reasons. The primary reasons, as I understand the world around me, are thus:

1. Europe lost many, if not most of its bravest and finest men in rapdily successive World Wars. These were the brave men who would resist the sissy Socialists and treat the moral relativists with the disdain that their football thugs treat their rivals.

2. Europe has accepted moral relativism as a positive characteristic of advanced and progressive society. Nothing could be further from the Truth. Morality and reality are inextricably intertwined. One can dismiss morality as passe and/or antiquated, but it does not make reality any less real in the process. The laws of nature (such as gravity, for one) are ETERNAL. Likewise are the laws of the Almighty. They are immutable. One can deny its existence and its efficacy but one CANNOT deny its reality.

3. Europe is suffering from massive population decline. Its sorry repopulation statistics are bolstered by an unsustainable immigration and asulyum policy (which is comprised almost entirely of Moslems, often of the radical variety). This is the part (and ONLY part) of Darwinian Evolutionary Theory that Charles Darwin actually got right. The "fitness cause", or "survival of the fittest" in other words. Our most base instinct is to reproduce. It is the physically elemental desire of every human being (and all of life, for that matter). If you observe the characteristics of our body and study social behaviorism over the history of mankind, it is the most physical desire that we have and yet this desire to procreate has been tossed to the ash-heap in the name of "progress". But I digress.

Thee United States of America, the greatest socio-political success story in all of human history is on the precipice of abandoning our Judeo-Christian heritage and culture to the same fatalistic "progress" that Europe has accepted and adopted.

My friends, my fellow countrymen, my fellow human beings, we must err toward life and we must err toward liberty. We CANNOT permit socialism. We CANNOT permit collectivism/communism. We must stop this madness and we must stop it NOW.


Selwyn, you are wrong! The America you grew up in has not been destroyed by the leftists; it has been driven underground. We have been told our ways our dead and we mourn based upon their pronouncement. Alas, America is wakening up, and reclaiming its culture; thank Obama's radical jerk to the left for that. No, you will never again ride your bike to little league on a crisp summer morning; smell of fresh cut grass in the air, your bat across the handle bars with your mitt over the bats knob. You won't get that back; but that America is not dead, just waking from its drunken slumber in the brothel. To quote the famous philosopher Monty Python “I’m not dead yet.”

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