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August 10, 2009


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Philip France


For two days now, your commentary has stopped before its completion. It is better today than it was yesterday but as one who thirsts for your wisdom and logic, I remain unquenched.

From what I was able to hear, I will add that the nomination of Ms. Sotomayor was a disgrace. Her "wise Latina" comments should have aborted her nomination the day it became known. Worse yet, her landmark "decision" in the New Haven Ricci case was overturned by the very same court that she has been confirmed to.

Can you spell O-U-T-R-A-G-E-O-U-S?

Robert Berger

You say that Sotomayor is unqualified because she's not a conservative and you don't agree with her political or legal views. Easy enough to do.
But like it or not, she's been confirmed.
The whole"Wise Latina" business is the result of her remark being taken completely out of context and totally misconstrued, and the whole thing was blown way out of proportion.
If McCain had been elected, and a conservative Latina judge had made the same statement, conservatives like you guys on this website would not have disapproved of her remark the least bit.
If that's not hypocrisy, I don't know what hypocrisy is.
And any one who claims that only liberal judges are "activist" and try to impose their"liberal agenda" on this country, and that conservative judges don't try to impose THEIR conservative agenda on America , and that they are totally impartial and objective and go strictly by the "Rule of Law" is either extremely naive or is being totally disingenuous.
Of course conservative judges have their own conservative agenda.
And the frightening thing is that some conservatives would like to see that narrow-minded,intolerant and self-righteous jerk judge Roy Moore, formerly of the Alabama supreme court, appointed to the supreme court in Washington.
He's a rabid homophobe and religious fanatic,and has absolutely no business being on the highest court of the land or ANY court.
The last thing America needs is judges like this on the supreme court.
Whatever her faults, Sotomayor is infinitely preferable to a scoundrel posing as a patriot like this.

Philip France

Dear Robert,

I did not say that I object to the nomination of Ms. Sotomayor because she is not (a) conservative. I object to her nomination and appointment because she is an incompetant racial bigot. Some 60% of her decision have been overturned, including her most significant case, of which I mentioned.

I don't know what you do for work, if anything, but if you screwed up 60% of the time would you expect to be promoted?

Furthermore, she is not the 1st Hispanic on the Supreme Court and she is not the 1st woman and certainly not the first "liberal" idealogue.

You impugn the judicial integrity of Judge Roy Moore without citing any evidence whatsoever in support of your claims. My friend, you are a child and you sound like you get your talking points from "The View" or from Keith Olbermadmann.

With compassion toward you, I recommend that you visit and read his archived articles. You do not need the drugs that cause you to see so obliquely and Dr. Breggin explains why.


Robert said, "Of course conservative judges have their own conservative agenda."

Yes of course; that is the very definition of a good judge. Conservatives wish to preserve our Constitution and proven system of governance and culture. Leftists wish to experiment with all sorts of nonsense, twist the law and morph our nation into a quazi-Nazi/fascist/communist state.

The oath most officials must swear to is to "protect and defend the Constitution." Progressive judges by their very definition are the opposite of that. Judge Soto is a hack.

Robert Berger

If you want to see what a bigot and fanatic Judge Moore is, just google him or check his website,the Foundation for Moral Law. He believes that homosexuality should be illegal, and that anti-sodomy laws are a good thing.
And if any of Sotomayor's decisions were overturned, that doesn't necessarily mean that they SHOULD have been.
I see absolutely no evidence that she is in any way fanatical or bigoted, or a left-wing extremist.
But to people like you who frequent Selwyn's website, any one who's even slightly to the left of Genghis Khan is a left-wing extremist.

Philip France

Dear Robert,

Judge Moore's views are in harmony with the most ancient text in human history and the most frequently purchased and read volume in the world: The Holy Bible. History has proven that these views result in a civil society of prosperity, felicity and liberty.

Your views are in harmony with the radical and lunatic left. History has proven that these views result in tyranny, murder and human suffering.


Robert said, "But to people like you who frequent Selwyn's website, any one who's even slightly to the left of Genghis Khan is a left-wing extremist."

I did not know Genghis Khan had declared a political stance. However, over the past 100 years the only tyrannical imperialists (I assume that is what you were going for with Khan) have come from the left. Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao, Castro, Mussolini, Kim Jung, Ill and so on are all leftists. Name a conservative régime in the past 100 years...heck make it 200 that have wreaked havoc on mankind like the leftist tyrants.

Robert Berger

Just because I am pro-choice, pro-gay rights and against homophobia, pro government help for the unemployed and the poor, against the death penalty, for reasonable gun control, not confiscating people's weapons, for government support of the arts,against censorship of what we read or view in public or in private,and all that, does not mean that I am in any way a marxist,socialit,or communist.
Many other people share my positions and aren't these either. Or that I hate Christians or Christianity, want to take away their rights, etc.
And just because I don't believe in creationism, Adam and Eve, Noah and his ark etc, and believe in evolution, does not mean that I am an atheist. I'm not.
I'm against tyranny whether it's tyranny of the left-wing communist kind, or tyranny of the theocratic kind.
They're both equualy bad. And Obama, despite all the hysterical,paranoid accusations against him, is not a socialist,marxist or communist, and even though he's hardly perfect, he's not a threat to freedom in America. You've fallen for all of the ridiculous false rumors about him.


You are probably right Robert the piles and piles of past evidence and current actions would never lead someone to the conclusion he was a commie. In order for a convincing case to be made he would need to appoint czars that are admitted commies. and.....arrrrgghh, jeeeesh, you wont listen anyway. As long as Obama is for fudge packin' and killin babies you will join the commie lock step right behind him. It is not unusual, you are not unusual. The Dem party is not group of intellectual or moral kinsmen. Quite the opposite, it is a mishmash of special interest super minorities that know they have no voice alone. Not all dems are fudge packers, baby killers, race baiters, tree huggers, anarchists, commies, fascists, union thugs, gun stealers, whale savers, Satan worshipers, or militant vegetarians. But when you sign on with the big D you are kin. You got a commie in the WH my friend, and you sit there with your fingers in your ears saying lalalalalalalala. Do a little research. Check out his czars…even Wikepedia can’t hide their cycle and hammer.


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